Mom to be Mondays: 22 weeks-Baby’s First Baseball Game

On Sunday, LC and I attended our first baseball game of the season. The Brewers gave hubs 8 free tickets as a thank you for deploying. Once a month the Brewers honor a member from a branch of the military. This month it was the Air Force and hubs was selected out of everyone from the state of WI. I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

The selected member is asked to write biography about what they did and provide pictures from their deployment. The presentation was about 3 minutes long and after it was over, there our faces were on the jumbo-tron. We were instructed by the camera man to smile and wave. It was overwhelming and very emotional to see the stadium give hubs a round of applause and a standing ovation. After all his years of work and sacrifice, I would say it was much deserved.

While we were standing, watching the presentation, baby was kicking like crazy! I said it was because baby was proud of dad, while hubs said baby wanted to be part of all the action. I would say hubs is right since baby goes nuts in there when there’s lots of noise. One thing I noticed at this game that I’ve never given a lot of attention to is the amount of small kids at the game. The couple in front of us even brought their small baby. This prompted the discussion of what’s an appropriate age to start bringing children to professional sporting events? Hubs and I were in agreement with 4-5 years of age. Even then we’d keep it to dray games in the family section. With the amount of drunk people not paying attention and getting beer spilled on me, it’s just not something that I feel comfortable with.

What’s baby up to?This week our little spaghetti squash is blinking! Its eyes are no longer fused shut. Baby weighs about a pound and is about 11inches long. If baby decides to come early, it has about a 40% chance of survival with the help of medical experts. I don’t love those odds baby so hang tight a little longer, okay? Baby’s senses are also developing. Taste buds continue to form while baby develops a sense of touch.

How I’m feeling? Pretty good! Some pregnancy side effects: the dark line down my stomach is definitely there. It’s a straight line but not center to my belly button, it’s kind of off to the left. My hair has also been pretty dry this week :-/ I thought pregnancy was supposed to give you long luscious locks? Maybe I’ll they switching up the hair products this week. I know I’m in need of a haircut but it’ll have to wait until after the move on Saturday. My love of PBJ is back. I made two sandwiches last week before I went to bed so that I’d have a snack foe the next day. I woke up and there was only one for me to take…funny how that happens…

Baby’s been moving quite a bit. The other day I was in Lululemon, picking up a pair of pants I had hemmed and I felt the baby kicking like crazy. I put my had on my stomach and I felt a little thump against my palm! It was the first time I felt the kick from the outside. I took it as a definite sign to buy something…

Maybe I have a little yoga buddy in there?


I hope everyone’s having a happy Wednesday. What a week it’s been…

1. We got to see the baby again. Of course baby was on its tummy again but this time baby listened to Mama and flipped. The tech got everything she needed and said everything looked normal. We are still “team green” over here.

2. I was going to do a 21 week baby update last night but got home and realized my suitcase was missing from my car…

3. So today was fun. I had to file a police report for my missing stuff, which included my laptop, brand new polar HRM, baby books, my Garmin forerunner, running shoes, my Nook and lots of clothes, including my new “sweating for two” tank. It breaks my heart just thinking about everything I lost and knowing that some creeper is looking and rummaging through all my personal belongings. Our auto insurance doesn’t cover personal property and our renters insurance just expired and I was holding out until we moved into our new apartment next week. So until my laptop shows up, I’m blogging via iPhone.

4. Lessons I’ve learned from this: password protect everything! Luckily, I did. Back up all important documents and pics. I bought a hard drive awhile ago and just did this. Keep renters insurance!!!! Also, write down all the serial numbers for your electronics.

I’m aware that it’s just stuff and very thankful that the car, myself or baby weren’t hurt. I’m done dwelling on everything that I lost and tonight I got a reminder on what’s important in life: my family got to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time tonight :-) A coworker of mine borrowed her Doppler to me and it works awesomely. We got to hear the baby moving around and the little heart beat. Pure amazingness.

Things will be replaced eventually, but the moments I have with baby are something that need to be cherished.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever lost?

{Kick} Me Baby One more Time

Happy Friday eve :-) Unfortunately, I don’t much of a weekend because of some military stuff, but I’m going to make the best of it.  I look forward to drills because it gives me time to catch up with people I only see once a month.

The mornings in WI have been really chilly.  This AM, when I went out to my car, the dashboard told me it was a crisp 28 degrees…definitely an oatmeal kind of morning.

I enjoyed some Gluten Freeda apple cinnamon oatmeal with a side of strawberries :-) Even though I do enjoy oatmeal, smoothie weather can come back any time now.

Today I decided to join a gym.  I’ve been without a gym membership for almost two years now.  Our apartment in Chicago had a fitness center and when I was working in Chicago I was a devoted Bar Method goer, so I couldn’t really justify the money for a gym membership.  When I started working Milwaukee, I worked out at our fitness center at work and went to a Zumba studio.  The fitness center at work doesn’t really have a whole lot and I missed getting a good quality/sweaty workout in.  Yesterday I tried out the YMCA and I decided that it wasn’t a great fit for me, even though I really like their family focus and with a little one on the way, that is somewhat important.  Today I worked out at another gym in the area and I found it to be a better fit.  This particular location I went to doesn’t have childcare, but one of the other gyms that is close to us does.  It feels good to be back at the gym and into somewhat of the old routine.

After my workout, I was left to fend for myself for dinner so I headed to an old favorite: Chipolte!  Did you know that they now offer brown rice?  Just one more reason to love them.

Last night I was reading one of my baby Apps and it told me that I was far enough along in my pregnancy that I would be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope.  Lucky for me, my mom’s a nurse and she brought hers home to me.  I held it to my stomach and got nothing.  Later at night I decided to try it while I was laying down getting ready to go to sleep.  I still couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat but I heard something else:  KICKS!  I knew that’s what it was because at the same time I heard them through the stethoscope, I felt them in my stomach.  I held the stethoscope to my tummy and heard, “Thump!”  And I would press back on my stomach only to hear, “Thump! Thump!” The baby either enjoyed playing with me or was saying, “Knock it off mom, I’m trying to sleep!”  I could’ve had that baby kick me all night long just so I could’ve heard its little feet.  It was pretty amazing and made things even a little bit more real.  I still can’t believe there is still another human growing inside of me.  
We have our second ultrasound on Monday and I’m praying our little bundle of joy cooperates this time!  Last Monday did not go as well as we had hoped for.  I’m definitely going to make sure I eat something sugary right before I go in there and bring along some ice cold water.

20 Weeks-The Halfway Point

Yesterday was a pretty big day here for me and the mister, we had our 20 week ultrasound and got to see our little baby for about a hour.  Even though we decided that we’re not going to find out the sex until baby makes their grand debut into this world, I still thought it would be pretty awesome for my mom and my sister to come along for this appointment. 

I had pretty high expectations for this appointment, especially with the way baby’s been moving around in there, I thought for sure we’d see the baby in action.  When we got to our appointment, baby was sound asleep on his/her stomach and wouldn’t budge for anything.  We got a perfect view of the baby’s spine.  It looked absolutely perfect.  We also saw the baby’s little feet along with some bones, but that was about it.  The ultrasound tech got to see everything that she needed to see except for all four chambers of the heart and in order for the ultrasound to be complete, that was the one thing that she needed.  After shaking my stomach to get the baby to move, she had me lie on my side for awhile to see if the baby would change positions.  She came back about 10 minutes later to try again and no luck, baby didn’t move at all.  The tech had me lay on my right side so she could see a different angle of the baby.  With the way she had me laying, my back was facing the screen that everyone else got to see and I had no idea what was going on.  All of a sudden I hear everyone go, “Oh look at the baby!  Ohhh the baby’s waving!”  I craned my neck in such a weird way to see but I didn’t get to see much.  At this point I wanted to cry.  The tech still couldn’t get a good enough view of the heart, so she told us that we’ll have to come back in two weeks.

I was very disappointed even though I tried my hardest not to be since she said everything looked good and the baby looked healthy.  I was disappointed for a few reasons.  One being that the tech wasn’t the friendliest thing in the world.  I understand she see babies on a daily basis and does this for a living, but as a first time mom I would love it if you at least pretended to be excited and explained everything that you were showing to us.  Secondly, the baby was in some very cute positions and I would’ve loved to have had more pictures even if it was just of the baby’s foot.  There was a time when the baby was on the screen where you could clearly see baby was sleeping on its stomach with his/her feet tucked up underneath.  It was precious.

We were told to come back in two weeks, but it’s not going to work out with my work schedule, so hubs and I are just going to wait until we can get in with our new doctor in WI.   

What’s baby up to this week? The tech told us that baby weighs about 14 ounces right now, which is average.  According to The Bump, baby is about the size of a cantaloupe which is CRAZY to me!  That seems so big! Baby has working taste buds & is swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid right now.  Because the baby has taste buds, I’ve been trying to eat a lot more veggies and good for you food.

How I’m feeling?  Energy levels are still normal and I’m dealing with this week’s news surprisingly well.  As much as I hate moving, I can’t wait to get settled in and start “nesting” and getting the baby’s room ready.  I think my running days have come to an end.  I went for a jog yesterday and felt like I was going to pee my pants.  During the ultrasound, the tech saw the baby was right on top of my bladder so that makes sense.  This baby’s been hanging out pretty low so it’s been making things a little interesting over here so unless baby decides to shift, running will turn into walking and that’s okay with me.

Cravings: Ice cream! Chocolate shakes to be more specific.  Yes, I’ve always enjoyed ice cream, but I’m craving chocolate and chocolate ice cream like never before.  Pre-baby my shake choice would’ve been strawberry or vanilla.  I’ve never been much of a chocolate fan.  Chicken is safely back on my list of foods to eat.

Weight Gain: So far we’re at 13 pounds.

Guess on the Sex:  I have reason to believe that this baby is a girl.  One being at our 13 week ultrasound, there was a lot of jaw movement and there have been studies done that girls develop jaw movement at an earlier age than boys.  My mom says it’s because she’s getting ready to talk back :-) And also our 20 week ultrasound.  All week long I kept saying to LC, “I just want to lay on my stomach!”  We get to our appointment yesterday and guess who’s sound asleep on their stomach? Baby C!  It was almost like a “ha ha mom, look at me!”  Stubborn, just like mama ;-)  Of course, we’ll be happy with whatever we get, just as long as baby is healthy but it’s been fun to speculate and get people’s guesses.

So far this pregnancy has been an amazing journey and I can’t believe that I’m halfway there.  At the end of the summer, we’ll have a new baby to add to our family and I can’t help but be overwhelmed with happiness.  I went to church with my sister on Sunday and couldn’t help but get emotional when thinking about how thankful I am that everything’s turning out for LC and me.  My heart is full <3

The End of an Era

This week has been the most stressful, yet exciting and at the same time kind of sad week of my life.  Big “emotional rollercoaster” if you will.  Hubs was doing some days at the base this week and on Tuesday we found out that he is being put on orders to work at the base for a few months with the potential of a full-time position.  Nice, right?  Well, he informed me that these orders don’t include housing, which I knew already and that they start May 1st.  I look at the calendar.  “So you mean to tell me we have to move to WI in 25 days and I’m not even in Chicago during the week to pack and get everything ready?”  That is exactly what he was telling me.

Panic mode, followed by excitement, followed by “what-ifs” flooded my mind.  I was surprisingly very calm given the situation.  I pause and look at him for a minute, “Okay, so we’re really doing this?” is what I responded with.  After he left my office, I immediately got on craigslist and started looking for a house.  I thought for sure all the good May 1st rentals would be gone.  I e-mailed my cousin who owns a few duplexes in the area and found out she had just rented one last week.  Bummer.  I lined up a few places for us to see and in record time (2 days), LC and I found the perfect home that would work for us right now.  It’s in an apartment complex, which I wanted to avoid, but is set up totally different than where we live now.  No shared hallway (therefore, no stinky smells coming from other apartments), private entrance, attached garage, washer and dryer IN UNIT (hallelujah!), a private patio area for grilling and al fresco dining, a grassy area for Oliver to play, fireplace, and a pool!  A pool…every “pregnant in the dead of summer” girl’s dream.

Even though we don’t plan on being in the house for more than a year, we’re hoping to buy our own place by next year, I wanted to make this house as much of a home as I can.  After all, this is the first place we’re bringing baby home to.  We were given permission to paint and LC said no.  We went back and forth on this and he agreed to the baby’s room and an accent wall in our bedroom.

As excited as I am that we will be moving back closer to my family and friends, I can’t help but be a little bit worried.  We’re still waiting to hear whether or not my position at the base will move from temporary to full-time.  Hiring for that starts next week, so here’s to hoping.  Also, at any point after LC’s orders are up, if there isn’t a full-time spot for him at the base, he will have to commute back and forth from Chicago.  So we’re taking a HUGE leap of faith in doing this, but I feel confident that everything will work out.

And Chicago…I’m very sad to be leaving the city.  I’m a city girl at heart.  I’ve lived there for almost 4 years and have considered it my home.  Every time I drive in and see the skyline, I can’t help but get excited :-) So I think that will be the hardest part for me out of all this.  Today, while I was laying in bed, thinking about how nice it would be to bundle up, grab some coffee and take Oliver for a walk in Grant Park.  I definitely forgot where I was (we’re in WI for Easter weekend & Oliver is with his grandparents in Chicago). Luckily, LC’s family and friends still live there so we will for sure be back for lots of visits and I still plan on taking the little one on walks through Lincoln Park, the zoo, Cubs’ games, and the Green City Market.  I will definitely miss the running scene in Chicago among lots of other things, but I’ll save that for another day.

Obviously, the name of the blog will be changing and I’m open to any suggestions on the name and how to make improvements on the blog.

I’m off to get a workout in, have lunch and a little retail therapy with a friend, and sign the lease to our new home today!  Enjoy your weekend.                

19 Weeks-Woah Belly!

Hey there belly, where’d you come from?  We’ve definitely had some growth this week.  Up until this point, I kept wondering when my belly would “pop” and now I think it’s safe to say that I have.  One thing that has actually bothered me during my pregnancy so far is people saying how small I look.  I’m not a “small” person by any means, I’m 5’7 and the “smallest” weight I can ever remember being in my adult life is 145.  The comments usually go something like this:  “You’re still so small!! when I was x amount of weeks I already clearly showing!”  Well good for you.  Honestly, what is the proper response to that?  I just end up feeling awkward and saying “Well there’s a baby there!” And walking away.  I’m sure as I get further along and the little one keeps growing I will hear, “Oh my gosh you’re so huge!”  haha! People!    

What’s up with the baby this week?  Our little one has blossomed into a mango this week.  Baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and is about 6 inches in length.  The BIG thing this week is sensory development.  The brain is designating special areas for taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight.  The baby’s arms and legs are becoming more proportionate to its body and hair is starting to sprout on its little head!  If it’s a girl, hopefully she’ll have my curly hair (which has become even crazier as this pregnancy progresses).  But if she’s anything like me when I was born, she will be bald…and white.

How I’m feeling?  I’ve been feeling awesome!  I’ve been enjoying the little flutters and flips that the baby is doing in there.  I’ve got a little gymnast on my hands :-) I notice a lot more movement after I drink really cold water or when I’m singing or talking.  Right now, the baby’s going absolutely crazy in there and I love it.  I can’t wait until I can put on hands on my belly and feel real definite kicks.  Today, when hubs and I were eating I was drinking some water and the baby started fluttering around and he put his hands on my stomach and could feel movement too.  I’m also going through a need to nest phase right now.  I’ve been cleaning our apartment and taking a white trash bag to everything that we do not need.  I think LC and I are going to start registering for stuff this week since that’s the only thing we can do since we’ll be moving before the baby’s born.  We’re doing a registry on Amazon and at Babies R Us.  Any must have registry items?  Help a first time mom out!  Next week, we have THE BIG ultrasound!  I’m excited to see our little bambino for a full hour.  Mom and my sister are coming with us to see the baby as well.  They’re just as excited even though we’re NOT finding out whether it’s a boy or girl.

I can’t believe how quickly time is going.  We started talking about the stages of labor in our Bradley Method classes this past week and everything just became so real to me.  Yes, I realize I’m pregnant with a baby and I’ve been enjoying it every step of the way, but eventually this baby is going to have to come out and the thought of it kind of terrifies me a little bit.  Baby can just stay put for another 20 weeks or so :-)