Pinterest IRL: DIY Scrapbook Coasters

I’m not really sure how I discovered Pinterest, but since its infancy, when you needed to be invited to participate, I have accrued 44 boards and 990 pins.  Some of the pins are my own from this blog, but the majority of them are recipes, home decorating ideas, and DIY projects from other websites.

Since being temporarily unemployed until further notice, I’m trying to use this time to be productive around the house, spend time with my family and sort through all of my Pinterest boards.  So far this week, I have a PInterest DIY project and recipe to share.  I’ve learned through experience that sometimes Pinterest projects/recipes turn out awesome and other times, not so much.  So I’m here to share with you Pinterest in Real Life.  Tried and true Pinterest projects that have been a WIN for me.

My most recent Pinterest project is DIY scrapbook paper coasters.  I had a lot of scrapbook paper leftover from Madelyn’s birthday party that I wasn’t sure about what to do with.  So, when I came across this pin, I was very excited because now I had a use for that leftover scrapbook paper AND I really needed coasters.  I was getting really tired of watching people leave their condensing cups all over our hardwood ledge but yet not giving them another alternative.  It was driving me nuts!  So on one crazy Saturday night, I created our scrapbook paper coasters.


I bought individual tile squares from Home Depot.  I took the leftover scrapbook paper and traced over the outline of the tile in pencil and cut it.  Then, I layered on the scrapbook paper to the tile with ModgePodge.  After I let the tiles dry for 1 day, I sprayed them each with clear finish, outside and them dry for a few hours.  After that I went to Target and bought felt circles to put on the bottom so that they wouldn’t scratch the surface that they were on.  And Voila! Unique scrapbook paper coasters.

I love them because they are unique, cheap and they function just perfectly.  And this project allowed me to use the scrapbook paper to its full potential.  I call that a WIN.  If you have any questions about the scrapbook paper coasters, just e-mail me.  But so far they are holding up just great!


What has been your experience with Pins on Pinterest? Tell me about your most successful PIN so far! 

38.5 Weeks-A Nursery Tour

On Saturday, I reached the 38 week mark.  Nothing really new to share on the pregnancy front except I feel like baby’s dropped even more and I’m a little bit more uncomfortable.  I had a doctor’s appointment today and she confirmed that the baby has indeed dropped (not just my imagination) and she also said that this will hopefully shorten the time I have to push since baby’s so far down-music to my ears! She asked me if I wanted to get checked and I declined.  I didn’t see what difference it would make to know whether or not I’m even more dilated or effaced, that has no indication as to when labor is going to start.  She mentioned that if I make it to my next appointment, she will check me and sweep my membranes to hopefully help things along.  I definitely want to do whatever I can to keep from going overdue and having my labor start via pitocin.  She also estimated little baby to weigh between 8-8.5 lbs!  I’m definitely ready for you baby, I think you’ve grown enough in there :-)

On Tuesday, we FINALLY completed our nursery.  I love everything about how it turned out.  It’s exactly what I had imagined for a gender neutral baby room.

A lot of the projects in the room were DIY projects inspired by things I found on Etsy and Pinterest.  The color scheme is one that I came across by accident.  I originally had planned for a grey and yellow nursery, but when we were at the paint store, I picked up a mint green paint sample just for fun.  I came home, held it up to the wall and I LOVED it.

This little project I came across on Etsy.  The seller was charing $48 for a pack of three.  I thought that I could easily do this and I was right.  I created the prints in Microsoft Word and printed them off at Kinkos.  I like that I was able to do this myself, because then I could personalize it a little bit more.  It only cost $2 to print each picture and $5 for the 8×10 frames at Target.  Total project cost about $21 as opposed to the $48 I was going to spend.

The next DIY project came from this blog on Pinterest.  I was originally going to buy a paper ball mobile that I saw on Etsy, and then I came across the yarn ball mobile on Pinterest.  I loved this idea so much more, because it’s not something I’ve ever seen in a nursery.

And here’s the baby’s view from the changing table :-)

The dresser is from Ikea.  We got it on sale for $240.  It was a pain to put together (so I was told), but hubs did a fantastic job.  I love this dresser because the drawers came lined with pretty yellow paper :-) and we’ll be able to use it later on down the road.  The glider was one of the baby shower gifts from my mom.  She bought it at Babies R Us and it’s very comfortable and sturdy :-) The beige afghan was handmade from my grandma.  It’s beautiful, soft and will be baby’s favorite blanket :-)

The crib and mattress came from  It’s a Graco Lauren model and we bought it during Walmart Baby Days on-line, and paid about $175 for the crib and mattress.  The bedding came from Land of Nod.  I searched high and low for gender neutral bedding that matched our color scheme, that wasn’t outrageously priced and didn’t have some kind of animal/themed print.  This was exactly what I had been searching for.  The blue and green afghan came from hubs Aunt.  She had no idea what our nursery looked like when she started making this.  I was so happy to open it because it matches our nursery perfectly!

Next, is the canvas print that I made and did a post on a few months ago.  It was kind of tedious project but was 100% worth it.  It involved having a lot of patience, which is something I sometimes lack :-/

The inspiration for this bookshelf came from Pinterest.  The original project had used rain gutters at the bookshelves.  I found these photo shelves during our Ikea trip for $14.99 each.  I like this a lot better than an ordinary bookshelf because it adds decoration to the room and to me, looks less cluttered.  Baby will have lots of books to read thanks to all our shower guests!!

Last but not least, the baby’s closet and storage system.  I wanted to make sure everything was organized and easy to find in the baby’s room.  I bought the  white bookcase and colored bins from Target.  In them, I have extra bedding, feeding stuff (bibs, bowls, spoons) that we will use later, bottles, formula that was sent to me and scrapbook items/cards.  The closet also consists of lots of diapers that should last us awhile and other side we have a few outfits for the baby.

I’m really happy with how everything turned out.  I’ve never been so crafty in my life, but when I saw the prices for some of the stuff that I knew I could myself, it was time to find my inner DIYer.  Not knowing the sex of the baby didn’t make decorating the nursery hard at all.  I think if I knew what we were having, I would’ve still stuck with the same color scheme.  I’m not a huge fan of pink all over the place, and I’ve seen the sports theme too often in baby boy rooms.  While I think it’s cute, it was something I knew that I wanted to stay away from.  The nursery’s all ready to go…now all we need is a baby!

Week 27-My first DIY Project

No matter how many days I get off, the weekend never seems long enough.  Especially when I have something to do every day.  My weekend was spent shopping, eating, and going to the movies with LC.  We saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  It was meh.  I thought because of the cast, (J-Lo, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, etc) it would be pretty good.  If you’re thinking of going to see it, I would wait until it comes to DVD and save your money.

The big thing this weekend  was the fact that we had our maternity pictures.  As I was getting ready, I was worried that I wasn’t showing enough yet for maternity pictures.  A friend of mine said that they’re normally done when you’re at your biggest (around 35-36 weeks).  Clearly, I did not have that issue…

I’m so glad that I did not wait any longer and that our photographer likes to do them around 7 months.  I can’t imagine being bigger and trying feel good about myself while posing for pics, especially in the dead of summer.  For the most part I feel good, but I’m starting to feel the effects of the 3rd trimester.

Baby is now about 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 lbs.  According to,  baby is the size of a rutabaga!  Baby is apparently showing some brain activity and I’ve felt hiccups!  Movement is pretty consistent, and on days when I feel very little, I have a heart doppler from a friend to reassure me that everything’s okay.

Nesting mode has officially set in.  The bedding arrived last week and it’s been washed and put on the crib.  Today, my mom and I ventured south to Ikea.  I found the PERFECT dresser for the baby’s room that will double as a changing table.  I picked up some other things for the baby as well.

This weekend, I also started my first DIY project.  What inspired me to do this was this picture:


I searched the internet high and low for something like this at a reasonable price.  The only thing I found were a few signs on Etsy and they were in the $50-$60 range.  No thanks.  I was originally going to go with this quote, but started searching for other ones instead and found one that I liked even more.

I started with a blank canvas, stencils, and paint.

 I aligned the first stencil on the canvas and then layed down some packaging tape to use as a guide to make sure the stencils were even.  The tape I used was clear, but if I did it again, I would use colored tape.

Instead of using the stencil sponges, I used a very small brush and away I went.  It was a little time consuming because I had to make sure the paint was dry before moving onto the next letter because the stencils overlapped with each other.  The good thing is that paint dries pretty quickly on canvas.  Total time took me about 3 hours and of course the longer the quote, the more time it will take you.  After it was all done, I sprayed it with finishing spray and I was finished.

 The total cost for this project? $37.34.  I could’ve saved more money by skipping the sponges and the extra paint, one tube was definitely enough.  I have a few other DIY projects under way for the baby’s room and can’t wait to show you once everything is complete.

Hubs is out of town for a concert, so I’m going to hop in bed with Christian Grey :-) Enjoy the rest of your evening!