My First visit to Swirlz

Yesterday, Larry and I ventured over to the heart of Lincoln Park to attend Swirlz customer appreciation party.  They had music playing, free cupcakes, raffles, a balloon artist and free beer tasting from Goose Island.  They were also passing around frosting shots that had vanilla frosting & Demolition beer in them.  I made Larry try one because I couldn’t and he said they were surprisingly very good.

I enjoyed a free GF/vegan vanilla cupcake.  Amazing!  When I heard that they would be giving away free cupcakes, I expected the mini ones.  There was nothing mini about this cupcake.  I was also pleased with the amount of gluten free and vegan treats they had to choose from.  I love Sprinkles, but the only problem with them is, is that they only offer one type of gluten free cupcake and as much as I love red velvet, it’s nice to have some other options.  So of course I had to purchase 3 more gluten free cupcakes 🙂 I bought a vanilla cupcake with pumpkin flavored frosting, a banana cupcake with nutella frosting and a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting.  So far I’ve eaten the vanilla with pumpkin and the banana with nutella frosting.  Oh. So. Good.  I was a little hesitant with the pumpkin frosting, but it tasted like a creamy pumpkin pie.  The Banana nutella cupcake was also very good.

After I ate my free cupcake, and Larry was done tasting his beer, we went outside where they were holding the raffles.  They called out a few names and the people weren’t there.  And then they called Larry’s name!  We NEVER win anything!  He won a free t-shirt which he gave to me & a pin that says “Cupcakes make people happy”.  Swirlz, has now become my go to place for  cupcakes in the city.


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