Eating Gluten Free While Deployed

Well, we made it safely to our final destination here overseas.  It’s extremely hot & windy.  There’s nothing like taking a shower & going outside only to get blown by dirt and dust.

Ugh! Cannot wait to get home…the things we take for granted!  I lucked out though by not having a roommate.  Although my room is extremely small, it’s nice to have the space to myself and not have to worry about someone else’s schedule.
 I tried to make the space as much of my own as possible.  I bought hot pink bed sheets & my fleece blanket from home.  Now that I’m married, I figured this was the perfect time to purchase hot pink bed sheets because that would never fly with my husband.

One of my biggest concerns about getting deployed right now was my diet.  Because I recently eliminated gluten from my diet completely, I was worried about what I was going to be able to eat here.  We’re in a country where the people serving our food don’t speak much English and there is no way I’m going to hold up the food line by asking how the food was prepared.  I’d have a lot of angry soldiers to deal with.  So I’ve been doing as best as I possibly can.  I have to admit that it’s very hard and I know there have been a few times already where I have made some wrong choices.  I can definitely see why someone who is diagnosed with Celiac disease would be disqualified from the military.

I’ve mainly been sticking with eggs and fruit for breakfast and chicken, rice, potatoes, and veggies for lunch and dinner.  Yesterday, I splurged and had a steak.  It actually was not bad.  My meals for the most part have been very bland but full of protein.  I miss my kitchen :-/  And my bed. And these guys…

I’ve been trying to remain in good spirits & keep positive.  I have a lot of time to workout, read, sleep & do some online research for some exciting things to come for when I get home.  Basically a ton of “me” time. 
P.S.- If anyone has any ideas of choosing better options for food while I’m here, I’m definitely open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Eating Gluten Free While Deployed

  1. Kati October 7, 2011 / 3:33 am

    Keep me posted on this – one of my friends is currently deployed and asking me about gluten because he always seems to have problems after eating it, but also stated how hard it would be to eat 100% GF while he's in Afghanistan.Take care and keep up the great work!–Kati 🙂


  2. Maria October 15, 2011 / 12:38 am

    Hi Kati-Yes, it is really difficult to be 100%GF on a deployment. I've definitely lost some weight (which necessarily isn't a bad thing) but I know some of it will be gained when I get back b/c this isn't my normal nor would I want it to be. I've been eating a lot of chicken, fish, veggies and rice. I've learned through trial and error to stay away from anything that has a sauce base, baked beans and instant mashed potatoes. Breakfasts are the worst. Tell your friend to bring GF oatmeal b/c eggs everyday gets old real fast!


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