Tomorrow’s my 27th birthday & I will not be home to celebrate, but I am getting one of the greatest presents possible at the moment b/c I’ll be en route to Chicago the very next day.  Celebration will take place this weekend (When you deploy & miss your birthday, you go from getting one day to getting the whole weekend).  Until then, I will leave you with 27 things that I’m thankful for.  I got the idea for this post from one of my favorite food bloggers.

1. For the man who made me a wife almost 4 months ago.  I’m thankful that you are so patient, supportive, loving & understanding.  I couldn’t have picked a better partner in life.
2. For my wonderful family.  Mom, your words of wisdom & advice have not gone unheard. I greatly appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me.  Mel-I’m thankful to have you as a sister and a best friend for life.
3. The awesome girlfriends that I’ve been so blessed to know and grow up with since middle school.
4. My dog Oliver, seriously the best little buddy ever.
5. My ability to run, workout & just in general use my legs.  When a bad ankle sprain had me sidelined in April I never realized how much I had taken my mobility for granted. 
6. The Air Force.  We’ve had our ups & downs and uncertainties along the way, but I’m thankful for all the opportunities that the Air Force has given me to meet great people and travel to some pretty cool places.
7. Bar Method. For giving me sculpted legs that complete strangers compliment me on…
8. And for tan towels for making them look just a little bit better in shorts 🙂
9. Hard cider.
10. Pumpkin anything.  Coffee, oatmeal, pie…the list goes on & on
11. Wine & Napa Valley
12. Quality TV: Guiliana & Bill, Kardashians, Chelsea Lately, Bethenny ever After
13. My Nook.  Although I do enjoy/miss curling up with an actual book, my Nook allows me to bring many books with me in one small little gadget. Definitely helps with luggage weight restrictions.
14. July 3rd. Two pretty big things happened on this date 🙂
15. Quiet cars on the Amtrak.
16. The Packers (so far) undefeated football season.
17. The flan I discovered in the chow hall…the first dessert I’ve had in 30 days.
18. Cafe Hollander’s goat cheese & rosemary macaroni (pre-gf days) Thank you for giving me the inspiration to create my own gluten-free version.
19. Having 4 seasons. Especially fall.
20. Babycakes cookbooks.
21. Swirlz & Sprinkles
22. Hot yoga on cold winter mornings. Seriously ahhhmazing!
23. Udi’s GF bagels.
24. Garmin, for keeping my time & mileage during my runs
25. Lululemon groove pants.
26. For God & the pilots who got us here safely.
27. Having a creating outlet where I can write about life & food…two of my favorite things.

See you in a few days…from CHICAGO!


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