Meatless Monday-An Oldie but Goodie

Today, I’m thankful that it’s a short week. The week following drill weekend is always an exhausting one, so I’m looking forward to relaxing, spending time with family and eating my little heart out.

Because of all the cooking that will be taking place this week, I wanted tonight’s dinner to be pretty easy and low key.  So the black bean & sweet potato chili made an appearance again.  Always so good and the perfect fall, meatless meal! And I made enough for leftovers.

Last week I stayed pretty on top of my workouts.  With the exception of running, I did pretty much everything including random zumba dances in my living room.  It doesn’t even feel like a workout to me because I have so much fun doing it.  So here’s this week’s SIDI.

Monday: 20 minute elliptical interval + upper body
Tuesday: Bar Method + 3 mile run
Wednesday: Bar Method & mom comes to town! Lots of cooking 🙂
Thursday: My own 5k turkey trot
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bar Method
Sunday: Yoga 

I’m off to drink some wine & catch up on mindless TV (aka-Gossip Girl).  Short blog post, but I’m exhausted!



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