White Christmas

I’m so over this rain and gloominess.  Bring on the snow.  
With the exception of looking for a Christmas wreath, we finally have all of our Christmas decorations up.  I finally finished today after drill.  Since Thanksgiving, it’s been a slow work in progress but today I was determined to get it done. 

 Our first “grown-up” tree.  Since I’ve moved to Chicago, I’ve always had little trees because I lived in a studio.  Last year, we lived in this apartment but I was boycotting Christmas decorations because LC was deployed. I’m so happy that we’re able to spend our first married Christmas together.
Everyone in our house has a stocking.  Mine is the jazzy red one on the left, Oliver’s is in the middle, and hubs is on the right.  I wonder what St. Nick will leave in those stockings tomorrow night…St. Nick has always been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.  Every year, my sister and I used to get candy, lip gross, nail polish and other little trinkets in our stocking-usually around the 5th of December.  It wasn’t until I went to basic training that I realized that it was a Midwestern thing. Did/do you celebrate St. Nick? 
Lastly, I created a little DIY project for our dining room table.  The vase and ornaments are from Target & the hurricane candle holders are wedding shower gifts from Crate & Barrel.  I love them!  Our home finally feels like Christmas & I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Time to go spend some Q/T with my boys!

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