Oh, Snap!

This past Saturday we got out of drill early because of the family Christmas party.  Because this is a rarity, LC and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves so I suggested we venture out to Sports Authority.  Damage done:   
New running shoes.  Hubs and a friend of mine swore by their Zigs and I was in the market for new running shoes with lots of ankle support.  These babies delivered.  I ran 3 miles outside today free of ankle pain.  Things are looking up and I think 2012 is my year for the Chicago marathon 🙂  I really love these shoes.  They’re light in weight, yet offer a lot of support for my weak ankle.  Win & win.


Mondays around here are normally meatless, but tonight I was craving fish.  Inspired by How Sweet it Is, I created Gingersnap crusted salmon.  Deliciousness. 
Everytime I see gluten-free cookies at Trader Joe’s, I feel the need to purchase and try them.  I’ve finally reached my cookie limit.  The gingersnaps were my first purchase.  Although they were really good, I could only eat so many of them.  One day, I was browsing blogs & came across a recipe for gingersnap crusted salmon.  A solution for too many gingersnaps.    
Here’s how I made this awesome salmon.  I beat two eggs in a bowl and dipped the salmon in them.  I crushed up the rest of my gluten-free gingersnaps (about 10 cookies).  Seasoned with Mrs. Dash, pepper and sea salt.  Then, I baked the two salmon fillets  at 400 for about 30 minutes.  Served with rice & asparagus.  Perfect Monday night dinner, and now I know what to do with those leftover cookies (a rare occurrence in our house).  
I’m off to relax & watch Water for Elephants! I’ve been waiting since forever to see this movie! I loved the book so I’m hoping the movie doesn’t disappoint.  Have a great night!   


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