It has been a week.  On Friday, I flew from Milwaukee to San Angelo, TX.  My sister has been there the past few months for military training and on Monday she finally graduated.  I’m so proud of her!

Shortly after her graduation, we set out on what was THE longest car trip of my life.  We drove from San Angelo, TX to Milwaukee, WI with minimally stopping along the way.  I played DJ while Melissa drove most of the trip which I am really thankful for.  I’d rather play DJ and keep her company with car games than drive, especially at night.

As far as food goes, we packed a lot of snacks to munch on in the car.  String cheese, apples, and gluten free breakfast bars were crowd favorites.

Monday night, we stopped in Wichita Falls, TX and ate dinner at a place called Carinos.  It’s a chain restaurant that I’ve only noticed in Texas that is very similar to Olive (I definitely just wrote Oliver) Garden.  The food was really good!  I had an Italian pot roast served over potatoes instead of pasta.  It  was definitely more than I could eat and Melissa and I both agreed that we could have split it.  I was so hungry, that I forgot to take a pictures BUT I did get a pic of their gluten-free menu 🙂

Tuesday, was our long day of driving and I helped this time.  We ended up in Collinsville, IL…more than 1/2 way home! We were both super tired and hungry so we just did a quick Qdoba run.

 Naked burrito bowl with lots of veggies, a sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of guacamole.  I’m a big fan of Qdoba & Chipolte because they’re both really good and can be somewhat healthy, sans the flour tortilla.  I don’t like the way the meat tastes at Qdoba but I do love their vegetable options while I LOVE chipolte’s chicken but wish they had more to choose from veggie wise.

After another restless night of sleep (I could not get any sleep on this trip to save my life), we were finally on our last leg of the trip…home! Or rather WI.  After I dropped off my sister, I then had to load up my car and drive back south 2 hours to Chicago.  Where my husband, dog & a gluten-free pizza were all waiting for me with open arms.

Although it was a long trip, I cherished the quality car time that I got to spend with my sister.  We talked about so much: life, her plans for finishing school & all the fun and exciting things we both have to look forward to in 2012 🙂 This year has been absolutely wonderful but I have a feeling that next year will bring even more excitement into our lives.

Tomorrow, I get back into the car and hubs and I travel back up to WI to spend Christmas Eve with my family and then back to Chicago for Christmas day with his.  After this weekend, I’ll be staying put for a while and I couldn’t be happier about that.     


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