2011-A year in Review

Here we are, the last day of 2011.  Looking back on this year, it fills my heart to know how blessed we were.  To be surrounded by amazing family and awesome friends. 

It was a year filled with lots of hugs & reunions…

The year that I married my best friend and truly had one of the best days of my life…

The year that we honeymooned & drank our way through Napa Valley…

And it was a year spent with lots of family & friends.  In 2011 I had 3 of my very good friends get married and I got to spend Christmas with my grandparents which is something that hasn’t happened in about 15 years.  For that, I am truly blessed and thankful.

As much as I hate to see this year end, I’m looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us…I know it will be BIG and just as exciting if not more.  LC and I are looking forward to starting a completely new chapter in our lives 😉

To ring in 2012 we’re keeping it pretty low key over here.  No bar hopping or bottle service for us, we didn’t see the point in spending the money this year.  We’re going out to dinner, enjoying each other’s company, and watching all the NYE stuff on TV…exciting stuff I know! I hope everyone has a safe & happy New Year! Don’t drink & drive!!! 


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