Take it and Bake It

I was a few bites into this meal before I snapped a picture. Pregnancy can make you pretty ravenous 🙂

Take and bake Mexican food?  Heck yeah!  Last Thursday, I participated in my second Milwaukee gluten free get together hosted by the lovely Sarah.  The get together was held at Cocina DeLeon Gourmet on Bluemound Rd. in Brookfield, WI. 
It’s not a sit down restaurant, but the owner was able to set up tables and a buffet for us to enjoy a delicious meal.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve had their delicious food.  Last family Christmas, instead of making a big meal for our family, my mom bought pans upon pans of enchiladas.  I’ve tasted their chicken and their beef enchiladas and both were very good.  Their guacamole is  pretty tasty as well.

On Thursday, I decided to try their vegetarian enchiladas: black bean & spinach.  Oh. So. Good.  They were so good that I bought a pan of 6 to take back to Chicago with me and make for hubs.  Next to my grandma’s enchiladas, these are the next best thing.  Along with the pan of enchiladas I bought the enchilada sauce as well as cheese.

I made them for dinner that following Monday.  Since I had some errands to run and didn’t have time to whip up a nice meal, I thought this would be the perfect solution.  I baked the enchiladas according to the directions on the pan (overall they took about 25 minutes to make) and I made Spanish rice from scratch…without a recipe. Win! Hubs enjoyed the meal and said that I can buy those enchiladas again.  He didn’t even realize they were meatless.  I’d like to one day make my own enchiladas since I’ve never done it, but I will buying these again.  They’re perfect for quick meals or when you have to feed a lot of people.  The only thing that would’ve made this meal more authentic? A nice cold margarita on the rocks 😉 BUT that will have to wait awhile!     


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