Mom to Be: Week 11-What We’re Reading

When I first found out I was pregnant I called the only BFF that I knew would understand what I was going through.  Her son will be two this April.  To say she was excited would be an understatement.  “Oh Mar! Now my son with have a new buddy to play with!! Go get some baby books, get excited because this baby’s coming!”  So I followed her advice and picked up some books, not only for myself, but also for the Dad to Be.

Top 2 are his; bottom 2 are mine

Dude’s Guide To Pregnancy: Description from Amazon: THE DUDES’ GUIDE TO PREGNANCY dispenses irreverent, honest, practical advice for the expectant father in an easy-to-understand–and often hilarious–man-to-man format.  Husband’s response? He thought it was stupid.  The authors tried to make the book cool when really they were making themselves sound like idiots.  They constantly referred to themselves as “the dude’s” and it just got annoying.  He wouldn’t even finish the book. I’m happy I bought it used from Amazon.

She’s Having a Baby; I’m having a Breakdown: I bought this one after the first book was a big , fat fail.  I saw it in B&N and skimmed through it a little bit.  It sounded better than the first.  Description from Amazon: Insider tips and advice for men on the roller-coaster ride called pregnancy and childbirth–the ideal gift for any expectant Father’s Day.  Husband’s response?  The book so far is really good (he’s only pg 18).  The author’s not trying too hard to be cool or hip he’s just being practical and to the point which makes it a more enjoyable read. 

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: When I went to the B&N near our house they didn’t have a lot of pregnancy books to choose to from and I wanted to go home with something.  It was between this book, What to Expect, and a few others.  I chose this book because it seemed like the less “textbookish” type of book.  There were colorful pictures 🙂 with examples of specific stretches and exercises to do depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in along with pictures on how to swaddle your baby.  There’s also a week by week guide to let you know what’s going on with the baby and your body, a labor and childbirth chapter, breastfeeding, your newborn and taking baby home.  Pretty much anything you want to know about pregnancy is in this book.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth:  Ina May is the nation’s leading midwife who writes a book about natural birth, which is what I’m aiming for (after a healthy happy baby of course). I love that when you tell people you’re pregnant, they feel the need to tell you their birthing horror stories or a friend of a friend who knew someone’s birthing horror story.  The first half of the book starts out with positive, uplifting birth stories that make me feel that getting this baby out is possible.  I’m still in Part 1 of the birth stories and I haven’t gotten to the second part of the book yet, which gets down to labor part but so far I’m really loving this book.

Our little Bambino:

At 11w2d, baby’s the size of a lime!

Today, our little peanut is 11 weeks and 2 days old and is measuring about the size of a lime (or golf ball) and is almost fully formed.  It’s hard to believe that in 5 short weeks we’ve gone from poppy seed to lime.  Baby’s hands will start opening and closing and making tiny fists.  Tiny tooth buds are forming under the gums and bones are starting to harden.  Baby’s moving and kicking around and could even be having hiccups right now, as the diaphragm is forming.

Pampers baby App!

Mama: Just when I thought the nausea was pretty much gone, it decided to creep up on me just in time for the weekend.  Drinking some water, deep breathing and snacking on something usually helps it subside.  It was gone by the time I met a friend for lunch.  The lack of energy is still the same and I’m praying it gets better within the next couple of weeks.  All other symptoms from last week remain.  I tried on my maternity ABU’s…as much as I’m in denial about having to go into maternity pants already, it’s time to admit that I will have to put these on sooner rather than later.  They’re pretty comfy 🙂  I also attended my second Bar Method class of my 1st trimester this morning.  Last time I took class I felt so sick toward the middle, I thought it was best to just stick to the DVDs at home until I was feeling better.  Great pregnancy workout!

Cravings: Fruit, especially pineapple and homemade apple chips.  Mexican food.  I ate it 3 times last week, and went to El Fuego (a restaurant in Milwaukee) twice this past week for lunch.

Aversions: Chicken is still high on the list along with sugary sweets like cupcakes.  I don’t think the baby loves sugar so much because the past few times I’ve attempted to eat cupcakes, they did not agree with me :-/ Veggies are off of the aversion list, I was able to eat some greens and green beans this week but they’re definitely not on the craving list.  I’m forcing myself to eat them though because they’re obviously good for me and the baby.

I’m off to cook up some delicious turkey meatballs that I found on Pinterest.  I hope that they’re a success! 


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