An Oscar-worthy Meal

Good Morning!  I hope everyone’s weekend was a good one.  We hung out in Wisconsin on Saturday because we had a friend’s 30th birthday party to go to.  I picked hubs up from the train station in the afternoon and we headed to the Third Ward for brunch.  I wanted to take him somewhere he hasn’t been yet, so we headed to Cafe Benelux.  
I love this place, along with all of its sister restaurants.  If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area, make sure to visit one.  The restaurant has a European feel and was named after the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).  I knew LC would be a fan because of their extensive bier menu.  While he enjoyed a beer with his brunch, I enjoyed a virgin Mary. 
I would say it’s just as good as a bloody Mary with the exception of the heartburn afterward, a new to me pregnancy symptom that decided to show up this week.  
Their brunch menu is pretty extensive and I had a hard time trying to decide on what I wanted to eat.  I finally went with a polenta dish.  It was polenta, which if you’ve never had it is the same consistency as grits, wild mushrooms, leeks, greens, and two eggs topped with hollandaise sauce.  It was very good and very filling.  
 We came home last night and I wanted to cook us a nice meal, since it has truly been awhile.  With my current living situation, I don’t get to tinker around in the kitchen as much during the week and I miss it, especially now that I want to eat more than cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  So last night, in celebration of the Oscars, I made us what I believe to be an Oscar worthy meal, with the mashed sweet potatoes being the main winner.   

On the plate we have asparagus baked with olive oil, pepper and Parmesan cheese.  Scallops sauteed in butter, garlic, and lemon.  And last but not least, the best mashed sweet potatoes I’ve ever made.  They were mashed with goat cheese, milk, onion powder, and infused with truffle oil.  

I boiled the sweet potatoes with the skins on until they were soft enough to mash with the hand mixer.  I placed them into a bowl with a little bit of milk and mashed away.  I then added some goat cheese crumbles, just a sprinkling of onion powder, and a drizzle of truffle oil and continued to mash.  I placed them into the oven to keep them warm until it was time to serve them.  When they came out, I sprinkled a little bit of Parmesan on top.  Hubs said they were the best sweet potatoes he’s ever had.  A winning night for me and my sweet potatoes.

After dinner, we watched the Oscars and concluded that we really need to add Hugo along with some others to our Netflix queue.  I thought it was a pretty classy awards show and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t get teary eyed when Octavia Spencer won her award for The Help.  I blame the pregnancy hormones.

I’m off to get a workout in and then run some errands.  I’ll be back later with a week 14 pregnancy update!      


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