Gluten-Free in Milwaukee

I’m so happy tomorrow is Monday…seriously not joking at all 🙂  This past weekend we had drill and were getting stuff ready for future inspections so I ended up working 13 hours last night.  It wasn’t physically tiring, just a lot of waiting around for other people to be done so that I could finish my job.  I’m so happy that I get off Mondays.  This mama needs a little break.

My week in WI was filled with lots of good GF food.  On Tuesday, my mom and I went to the monthly gluten-free get together hosted by Sarah.  I think what Sarah has done with this group is pretty awesome.  Not only does it offer support and a chance to connect with other people who have to be gluten free (for a variety of reasons), but it also gives you a chance to discover new places and makes restaurants more aware of people with food allergies/sensitivities.  I’m looking forward to participating in more events. 

It was the 2nd anniversary of this group and it was held at Marty’s Pizza in Delafield, WI.  My parents love Marty’s and have ordered pizza from there before, but something about it this time around was so much better.  Maybe it was the pleasant company or the fact that we ate it there, but the pizza was mouthwatering.  My mom and I ordered the garden pizza and added some sausage.  We split a 10-inch and it was more than plenty.  Their gluten-free crust only comes in a 10 inch size.  She only had a few pieces, while prego here finished it off (my appetite has increased by a tenfold this second trimester).

On Thursday, hubs took the Amtrak in because he also had to be in Milwaukee for some military stuff.  I picked him up after zumba and we headed to Stack’d for dinner.  I’ve been here a few times before, twice I’ve had a burger.  The first time I ordered one that was premade on the menu.  The second time, I did a build your own burger and was not impressed.  It was kind of dry :-/ So when we went this time, I did away with the beef and ordered the portabella burger.  Next to peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter and chocolate, portabella mushroom and goat cheese is the next greatest combination.  I had not been in the greatest of moods when we got there, feeling kind of blah, and this burger (and just eating in general) cheered me right up.  It was a portabella mushroom stuffed with goat cheese and a balsamic soaked tomato served on a gf bun.  My stomach’s growling just thinking about it.  The burger came with french fries and then I went ahead and ordered garlic aioli for dipping because I’m not a fan of ketchup.  Stack’d makes their fries in a dedicated, gluten-free fryer.  BONUS!

On Saturday, I was really in the mood for some sushi, cooked of course.  That’s all I could think about all day.  After drill hubs and I were all set to go to dinner.  Well, 5 o’clock rolls around and there’s no sign of this exercise drill letting up and the sushi dreams were dwindling.  We were released around 8 p.m. and my last real meal had been around noon.  I was STARVING.  My boss made popcorn and let me have most of it.  Bless his heart 🙂 But there was no way that this appetite would have been satisfied with just sushi the last thing I felt like doing was getting dressed to go sit in a restaurant.  I had two things on my mind: food & sleep.

LC got released a little early, so I sent him a text telling him that sushi was out, Mexican take out was in.  We ordered from El Fuego, one of my favorite Milwaukee area Mexican restaurants who I found out recently started offering a gluten-free menu.  I ordered the steak taco meal.  3 fuego (fire) tacos with a side of beans and rice.  Demolished in a matter of 15 minutes.

I stopped myself after devouring the first taco to take a picture of my awesome meal.  I love El Fuego because it’s in a good area of Milwaukee, it’s pretty authentic tasting & the service is good and fast.  They also have an awesome patio for the summer time and delicious margaritas 🙂

Hubs is actually on orders to work at the base in Milwaukee for a few weeks, so I’ve moved out of my parents for the week and we’re staying in a hotel closer to the base.  I was kind of bummed at first about this because it kind of puts a wrench in our little system we had going here (and it kills me to know that we’re still paying rent for an apartment we’ll barely be at this month), but Oliver’s staying with his Chicago grandparents and playing with their dogs, and I get to see my husband during the week after work so I shouldn’t complain, everyone’s happy.  The only thing is that we don’t have a hotel with a kitchenette, but thankfully my parents are just a short drive away and this just gives me a chance to check out what Milwaukee has to offer for gluten-free options.                


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