Mom to Be Monday (on Tuesday): Week 15-Birthing Class

Happy Tuesday 🙂 I’m a day late with this post, but yesterday left me completely exhausted.  I started my morning off with a sweaty gym date at Flywheel with my friend, Kristine.  Then it was off to the grocery store for lunch fixin’s and and cupcake baking necessities.  When it was all over, I took a snooze on the couch and I woke up still feeling groggy.  Needless to say, I missed out on The Bachelor, women tell all and was in bed by 8:30 p.m. WINNING. 
I can’t believe that this Sunday is already March 11th and we start our birthing classes!  I know 16 weeks may seem a little early to do them, but with our life kind of in limbo right now as far as location/relocation goes, I thought it would be best for LC and I find something that works with our schedules now rather than trying to push more into our already uncertain future.  I was so happy that I found a Sunday night class in Chicago for the amount of time that I knew we would be there.
Confession: Up until I became pregnant, I had thought I would want to go the elective C-Section route.  I just wasn’t crazy about the thought of pushing a baby out of me and going through all of that hard work.  When I became pregnant and realized what a gift this truly was, my whole thought process on delivery changed and I decided that I wanted to do this as naturally as I possible could.  A woman’s body is designed for this and I think a lot of times we don’t give ourselves enough credit as to what we’re actually capable of doing.  So with being set on a natural, positive birth experience and with also wanting my husband to be as involved as he comfortably wants to, I decided that The Bradley Method would be best for us.  Now, I just want to put it out there that I know things don’t always go according to plan and even though I want to have a natural birth, our main goal is just to get our little out into the world safely and happily 🙂 
What is the Bradley Method?  The class teaches you natural childbirth and views natural childbirth as a process.  They believe that most women, with the proper education and preparation along side a supportive coach (husband), can be taught to give birth naturally.
When I tell most women that I’m aiming for a natural birth they tell me that I’m crazy and that I’ll change my mind when the time comes.  “Get the epidural, it will make you feel so much better!” I just sit there and smile because I honestly don’t know, I’ve never been in labor before.  Natural birthing isn’t something that I normally discuss with people until asked, just because of the reactions I get from women.  
Our Little Bambino
Baby has sprouted from a little lemon to a navel orange!  He or she is about 4 inches long and weighs about 2.5 ounces.  For something so tiny, I feel rather large 🙂 Our little peanut is busy moving amniotic fluid through its nose and upper respiratory tract which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs to develop.  Although baby’s eyes are still fused shut, he or she can sense light.  If I flash a light near my belly baby’s likely to move away from the beam.  Taste buds on starting to form and if we were to have an ultrasound this week, we’d be able to tell if Baby C is a he or a she!  I finally got hubs to admit that he thinks that we’re having a girl 🙂 I’ve been feeling that way from the very beginning, but he would never tell me what he was thinking/feeling.  Of course, I’ve also tried to stay neutral and just be happy with whatever, as long as our baby’s healthy because in the end that’s all that matters.  But I can’t help but love the idea of pigtails and ballet lessons 🙂 We’ll know by the end of August.       

Looks bigger than an orange to me!

 How I’m Feeling
Great, for the most part.  I find myself a lot more hungry this 2nd trimester and I need to be careful because I could sit and eat all day if I let myself.  I usually find myself grazing on things throughout the day to help curb my appetite.  I’ve also been suffering from some really annoying headaches for the past week or so.  They happen almost daily and at first I thought it was from not drinking enough water, but now I’m not so sure.  Something I’m definitely going to talk to my doctor about on Monday.  I’ve taken Tylenol, made sure I’ve eaten and stayed hydrated.  Sometimes it works but most often it doesn’t.  I think I just need to take it easy and remind myself there’s a baby in there because today when I sat down on the couch and just closed my eyes and focused on breathing, it went away :-/ Maybe I would benefit from some prenatal yoga… 

Some exciting news, I THINK that I felt my first baby flutter last night.  I was laying in bed on my right side and I flipped over to my left and right after that I felt like a little flutter or tickle in my lower abdominal.  It kind of took my breath away because I wasn’t sure of what it was.  It just as easily could’ve been something else.  If it was the baby, I hope I feel more of these sweet little flutters soon!


4 thoughts on “Mom to Be Monday (on Tuesday): Week 15-Birthing Class

  1. Betsy Thompson March 7, 2012 / 6:08 pm

    Yay for babies! Even though I don't have kids or are anywhere near having a child, I love reading your updates. 🙂


  2. elvi March 12, 2012 / 12:14 am

    Wow I love that you are still working on your fitness!! So are you not in Chicago anymore?


  3. Maria March 12, 2012 / 2:41 am

    The fitness definitely helps me feel better overall and it helps when it comes time to deliver the baby so I'll keep doing it for as long as baby allows 🙂 We're still in Chicago, but I'm working in Milwaukee Tues-Fri and then back in Chicago the rest of the time. It's only temporary, hopefully in the next month or two something will become more permanent.


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