Belly Up to the Bar

Sometimes, the weekends with no plans end up being the most productive.  Yesterday ended up being one of those days.

I started my morning off with a bagel from Against the Grain and an orange.  While I LOVE their pre-made pizza crusts, I’m not such a huge fan of their bagels.  They’re airy and very light, not the kind of consistency I look for in a bagel.  Udi’s is still my fave.  


After breakfast I tackled our filing cabinet and got rid of old papers that we didn’t need anymore.  That turned into a monstrosity that I wasn’t expecting.  I found leases from my first apartment, which was 8 years ago, and cell phone bills from 2007.  I apologize to my husband and my step-dad for having to move that thing from apartment to apartment for me…love you guys 🙂  

When the paper shredding fun was over with, I headed over to Bar Method in Lakeview for my first official prenatal class.  It was awesome!  I’ve taken the regular classes since being pregnant, because the prenatal is only offered one day a week.  I tell the instructors that I’m pregnant and they help me modify the poses.  The prenatal class teaches you ways to modify the poses on your own so that when you do take a regular class,  you’ll need little help from the teacher.  It was also nice, working out along side with other fellow preggos 🙂 There was one women there, still working out and she was 36 weeks pregnant.  Very impressive to say the least.  Bar Method is, hands down, my favorite toning workout.  It helped me shed inches for my wedding day and now I’m hoping that it keeps me in shape during my pregnancy.  When I’m in WI, I use their DVDs.  While they are very good and comparable to a class, I prefer the motivation of a real-life instructor.  I feel a little giveaway in the near future 🙂   
One of the things that I miss about being in Chicago on a full-time basis is my kitchen.  I enjoy cooking, and now that I’m at a point where most of my food aversions are out the window, I like to spend as much time in it as I can.  Pre-Wisconsin during the week, our weekends were spent dining out.  Now I much prefer to make dinner at home.  Last night I made hubs and I grilled salmon over a bed of greens & quinoa with olives, artichokes, mushrooms and goat cheese.
 LC told me that I could make this every day if I wanted, it was that good 🙂 I seasoned the salmon with olive oil, lemon, rosemary, oregano, pepper and sea salt.  I agree with him, it was probably the best salmon I’ve every made.  
I also got some use out of pampered chef chip maker and turned these sweet potato rounds

into these crispy sweet potato chips. 
 The key to getting a crispy, instead of chewy, chip is to make sure that all the moisture is out of the sweet potatoes before putting them on the crisper and then into the microwave.  I’m happy that I made enough of them to snack on through the week.  Maybe next week, I’ll explore with apples. 
Today’s not going to be quite as busy as yesterday was.  We have our Bradley Method class where tonight we’re discussing the first stage of labor.  This morning I’m headed to Bar Method and off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday! Have a great day.

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