Mom to be Mondays: 22 weeks-Baby’s First Baseball Game

On Sunday, LC and I attended our first baseball game of the season. The Brewers gave hubs 8 free tickets as a thank you for deploying. Once a month the Brewers honor a member from a branch of the military. This month it was the Air Force and hubs was selected out of everyone from the state of WI. I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

The selected member is asked to write biography about what they did and provide pictures from their deployment. The presentation was about 3 minutes long and after it was over, there our faces were on the jumbo-tron. We were instructed by the camera man to smile and wave. It was overwhelming and very emotional to see the stadium give hubs a round of applause and a standing ovation. After all his years of work and sacrifice, I would say it was much deserved.

While we were standing, watching the presentation, baby was kicking like crazy! I said it was because baby was proud of dad, while hubs said baby wanted to be part of all the action. I would say hubs is right since baby goes nuts in there when there’s lots of noise. One thing I noticed at this game that I’ve never given a lot of attention to is the amount of small kids at the game. The couple in front of us even brought their small baby. This prompted the discussion of what’s an appropriate age to start bringing children to professional sporting events? Hubs and I were in agreement with 4-5 years of age. Even then we’d keep it to dray games in the family section. With the amount of drunk people not paying attention and getting beer spilled on me, it’s just not something that I feel comfortable with.

What’s baby up to?This week our little spaghetti squash is blinking! Its eyes are no longer fused shut. Baby weighs about a pound and is about 11inches long. If baby decides to come early, it has about a 40% chance of survival with the help of medical experts. I don’t love those odds baby so hang tight a little longer, okay? Baby’s senses are also developing. Taste buds continue to form while baby develops a sense of touch.

How I’m feeling? Pretty good! Some pregnancy side effects: the dark line down my stomach is definitely there. It’s a straight line but not center to my belly button, it’s kind of off to the left. My hair has also been pretty dry this week :-/ I thought pregnancy was supposed to give you long luscious locks? Maybe I’ll they switching up the hair products this week. I know I’m in need of a haircut but it’ll have to wait until after the move on Saturday. My love of PBJ is back. I made two sandwiches last week before I went to bed so that I’d have a snack foe the next day. I woke up and there was only one for me to take…funny how that happens…

Baby’s been moving quite a bit. The other day I was in Lululemon, picking up a pair of pants I had hemmed and I felt the baby kicking like crazy. I put my had on my stomach and I felt a little thump against my palm! It was the first time I felt the kick from the outside. I took it as a definite sign to buy something…

Maybe I have a little yoga buddy in there?


One thought on “Mom to be Mondays: 22 weeks-Baby’s First Baseball Game

  1. elvi April 28, 2012 / 8:21 pm

    Awwww what a treat for you guys!! I bet it was a great presentation/moment for you guys! I am planning on going to a brewers game soon!


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