Mom to Be Mondays: 24 weeks-Hospital Deets

Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve had a BIG day over here 🙂 I finally feel complete…I got a new laptop today! After lots of research and thought, I decided to stay with Apple.  Yes they’re more expensive than a laptop, but I look at it as an investment.  I had my previous MacBook for 6 years and never had one single problem with it.
Today was also the first day meeting our new doctor in Wisconsin.  She came recommended to me by an old high school friend.  The nice thing about her is that she’s actually a family physician and not an OB, so not only can I continue to see her for routine visits after the baby, but she can also be the baby’s doctor.  When I met her, I knew that she was the doctor for us.  She right away asked us what type of birth we were looking to have and got really excited when I told her that we had started taking Bradley Method classes in Chicago.  With her we’ll get the best of both worlds: she acts as a midwife but she’s a physician.  I will also see only her at all of my appointments, whereas most OB’s belong to a group and you get a different doctor each time.  After she listened to the baby’s hear, she took my tummy measurements and measured me at about 25 weeks…about a week ahead of what I actually am.  
There are two hospitals that we have to choose from.  Originally we were going to go with the closer one which is about 20 minutes from our house, but of course she recommended the one further away (about 35 minutes away).  She said that since this is our first baby, we should be fine and wants us to call her as soon as I go into labor so that she can tell us when to start heading to the hospital.  The birthing center that she recommended to us also does tours on the fly, so after our appointment with her, LC and I called the hospital to see if they could fit us in for a tour that day and the nurse on the phone said she was more than happy to have us.  
The birthing center is GORGEOUS.  It’s connected to a hospital, but is its own building.  The nurse who showed us around was absolutely wonderful.  She showed us the room and explained pretty much how everything was going to go down once I go into labor.  She also asked me what kind of birth I was looking to have.  When I told her I’d like to try for a non-medicated birth she told me about the alternatives they have available.  Right away she told me that this was MY birth and that if I wanted pain medication or anything like that, I was to tell them.  They don’t force you to have an epidural or push you in any kind of way.  This was definitely music to my ears.  Another great thing about the center, is that the baby stays with you in the room the whole time.  Everything from the first check up to the bath, is done right there.
So, today I booked out all of my doctor’s appointments until my due date and pre-registered at the hospital.  Before we know it, little baby C will be making his/her grand debut into this world.  A friend of mine just had her baby this past weekend and I went to visit her in the hospital on Sunday.  It made realize how fast 3 months was going to go by and just how excited/ready I am to become a mom.  Now, we’ve just got to get started on that nursery!
Baby C     
This week baby C is about the size of an ear of corn.  Baby’s about a foot long and weighs just over a pound.  Baby’s main goal from here on out is to grow, grow, grow!  The taste buds continue to develop and the lungs are getting stronger and getting into shape for that big first breath of air.  Baby C is also a squirmy little one but I love it!
How I’m feeling?
Overall I’m still feeling pretty good.  I’ve been really tired this week though.  I think a lot of that has to do with moving and then having to work all weekend this week.  I’m looking forward to a break!  My mom, sister and husband have been so wonderful in helping me out with unpacking.  Today, hubs told me after dinner to just sit down and relax, he was going to clean up the kitchen.  What a guy!  On Saturday, we had my mom and sister over for a Cinco De Mayo feast.  I made tostadas and my sister helped out with the flan.  After dinner we all sat around talking and watched a movie.  Luckily, the baby loves to move around after I eat, so both my mom and my sister were able to feel the baby kick!  The look on their faces was something I’ll never forget.  Today, at my appointment I was up 17lbs which puts me right on track for a healthy weight gain.  I’m still working out, just taking it down a notch.  I tried to do a treadmill walking workout the other day, but I had some round ligament pain going on so I decided to stop that and jump onto the elliptical which felt a ton better.  I can’t wait for this weather to get nicer and for the pool to open up so I can start to enjoy some pool workouts.  

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