WIAW-Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza

I don’t know if it’s the human growing inside of me or what, but this everyday after work has left me feeling utterly exhausted. I slept for 12 hours on Saturday and felt like a new person, but here I am again left with zero energy. It’s something I’m definitely going to bring up to my doctor because I feel like it’s too early in my pregnancy to be feeling like this. I still have a little over 3 months left.

Last night, LC and I went grocery shopping but instead of cooking a meal, I decided that some Domino’s gluten-free pizza sounded like a better choice.


I ordered the spinach and feta. I think next time I would add chicken. For pizza delivery, I thought it was pretty good. I didn’t taste a difference between the gluten-free crust vs. the original pan style. The GF crust only comes in small, so it feeds one hungry pregnant girl or two not as hungry people. I’m still a fan of take and bakes or homemade pizza because I enjoy the fresh taste, but I like the convenience of delivery.

I’m off to catch up on some blogs and browse the web for nursery inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your evening!


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