June Goals

I can’t believe tomorrow’s June!  It seems like just yesterday, we were telling our families at Christmas that we were expecting our first child and now we’re about 3 months away from meeting our little one.

When people ask me when I’m due and I say August 25th, the normal response is a look of horror and it’s usually followed with: “Ohhhh, you’re going to have a long summer…It’s going to be sooo hot! Good Luck!”  Ummm…thanks?  So far I’ve had a pretty smooth pregnancy and the weight gain is right on track so I don’t feel super uncomfortable at this point, but I’d be lying if I said doing every day things aren’t getting harder for me.  Things like bending over and walking the stairs at work are getting tougher, but I refuse to let my pregnancy keep me inside all summer.  So each month I’ve set some goals of things I’d like to do around Milwaukee.  Of course, I know not to overdo myself but I also want to enjoy my first summer back in my home city.

Here’s my list of what I hope to accomplish in June:

1. Attend the Farmer’s Market in Madison, WI.  Dane County farmer’s market is THE largest producer-only farmers’ markets in the US.

2.  Walk a 5k or volunteer at a race.  Since running is on hold for me right now, I think it’s about time to give back to the race community.

3. Salad a Day challenge.  This idea came from Gina over at Fitnessista.com.  This month, she embarked on a smoothie a day challenge.  I came up with a salad a day challenge in June because my sister came to me and asked me to help her stay on track with her weight loss goals this summer.  She said her biggest problem was making smarter food choices, so that’s where the salads every day comes in.  Feel free to join along! I’ll be starting a hash tag on twitter 🙂

4. Jazzin in the Park.  Just because I can’t drink wine, doesn’t mean that I can’t participate in my favorite Milwaukee summer past time 🙂

5.  Attempt to make my own hummus.  This something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and when hubs and I finished a container in a day, I said enough is enough.  I’m sure I can make it for less than what I pay in the store.

6. Pinterest Parties!  My sister and some friends decided that this summer we’re going to put our Pins to use.  Starting next Tuesday, each month we’re going to get together and make a drink, appetizer and do a craft from our pinterest boards.  I can’t wait to start this 🙂

7. Babymoon/anniversary vacay.  Need to book this ASAP!

What’s on your agenda for June or the summer?


One thought on “June Goals

  1. Lindsey May 31, 2012 / 10:09 pm

    We created a Summer Fun List with different activities to do this summer, I want to get started on it asap too!


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