28 Weeks-Hello 3rd Trimester

7 months down…3 or so left to go.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant myself, that I actually knew pregnancy lasts 10 months (40 weeks)…not 9.

Today was a big day over here.  I’m officially in my 3rd trimester & I can put the dreaded glucose test behind me 🙂  I had my appointment today and I should know the results by the end of this week.  Last time I went to the doctor, she told me that I didn’t have to fast before the test.  I wasn’t planning eating a huge breakfast since my appointment was at 10 this morning, but after a morning workout left me pretty hungry, there was a change of plans.  I decided to whip up a 2 egg omelet with spinach and parmesan cheese.

When I got to the appointment, the nurse asked me if I wanted to do my glucose test today.  I didn’t think I had a choice?  Because I had prepped myself for it and wanted to get it over with, I just said sure.  The tech weighed me and took my blood pressure.  Everything’s measuring right on track so far.  Next, I met with my doctor.  She asked me if I had any questions or concerns and I brought up the fact that I’ve been more tired than normal the past few weeks.  She decided that she was going to check my iron levels, but in the mean time I should take an over the counter iron supplement.  We listened to the baby’s heartbeat, heard the baby kick, took my belly measurement (measuring at 29 weeks), felt that the baby was head down (hopefully baby stays that way!) and discussed circumcision.  When she first brought up the subject, I felt a wave of panic.  I remember telling her that we didn’t know what we were having and wanted to be surprised.  I knew that she recently had received my ultrasound from my former doctor so after she was done talking about circumcision, I asked her if they had the sex of the baby in the charts and she said no, this was just something that she discusses with all of her patients who want to be surprised or our expecting boys.  I felt some relief.  As much as I really want to know what we’re having, I’m really nervous that someone’s going to let it slip, so I love it that our doctor doesn’t even know 🙂  I know that hubs is a definite YES on the circumcision and I told her that, but she brought up some interesting points and told me that we should research it before we make final decisions.

The glucose test itself was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  The nurse came in with an orange drink and I got it down while I talked with my doctor.  She told me the best thing to do was to just chug it and not try to sit and sip it.  I was not a huge fan, but baby LOVED it!  I had to sit there for an hour after before getting my blood drawn and baby was moving and kicking the whole time.

How am I feeling? Like I’m in my third trimester.  Tired, cranky, and my lower back kills me by the end of the day.  Hopefully the iron supplements will help with the fatigue and the exercise will help with the lower back pain.  The easiest tasks, such as bending over to tie my boots, is becoming a challenging task.  Hubs went to third shift just in time.  Sleeping through the night is becoming nonexistent and I am most comfortable sleeping alone {Sorry love}.  Besides the ailments that the third trimester brings, I am loving the acrobatic show going on in my stomach.  It is both weird and amazing at the same time to watch that little baby move from one side of my stomach to the other.

What’s baby up to this week?  According to The Bump, baby’s about the size of an eggplant.  Baby weighs about 2.5 lbs and is about 14.8 inches.  Baby is busy this week putting on layers of fat.  Baby is also super busy moving around in there.  Sometimes if I’m just sitting at my desk at work or laying on the couch at home, I’ll lightly press back and baby pushes back in response 🙂 I LOVE it! I have a playful little buddy in there.

As time is drawing nearer, I’m getting more anxious to know whether we’re having a little Maria or a little LC 🙂 Everyone keeps asking, “How come you don’t want to know?!?” I DO want to know!!!  I just don’t want to have to hear it from the ultrasound tech who had zero personality.  As much as I do want to know, I want that big moment and payoff in the delivery room after labor more.  I want my husband to be the one to tell me “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”

28 Week facts:

Weight gained so far: 21 lbs                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Things to do before baby: Book baby moon/anniversary trip, finish wedding album, finish nursery projects

One thing I will try never to do after baby’s born?  Complain about my body, size, the way that I look etc.  As much as I’ve enjoyed watching my body change for the amazingness that is about to happen, it’s also difficult to watch the scale go up that high and watch your belly get bigger, especially in the summer time when everyone else is getting fit.  I do love my growing belly don’t get me wrong, but I also remember thinking my pre-baby body could use some work.  If I could, I’d slap that girl in the face right now.


7 weeks

This weekend, we have our first baby shower!  LC’s family is throwing us one in Chicago and my mom is giving us one in Wisconsin a few weeks later.  Baby Campbell is VERY lucky 🙂




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