Week 29-Baby C’s Chicago Shower

Every week that passes with zero problems or concerns is a blessing to me.  We are getting down to the final weeks and I am just so grateful that, so far, I have had zero complications in this pregnancy.  My glucose test came back normal, but my iron levels were on the low side so my doctor wants me to take a slow release iron supplement to help out with that.  I’ve already been able to tell a difference in my energy levels.

This past Sunday, we celebrated Baby C with our first baby shower.  Since LC’s from Chi-town, his mom and sisters threw us a shower there so that his family and family friends could shower Baby C with love.  I also got to see a few of my Chicago girlfriends that I still keep in touch with.

We started the shower off with some games and a little science experiment.  LC’s mom wrapped 8 different items up and you had to guess what each one was by feeling the package.  The person who guessed the most correctly won a bottle of wine.  LC and I got to bring the wrapped goodies home 🙂  Our science experiment was testing different diapers to see which one could hold the most liquid.  The three diapers we tested were Up & Up, LUVs, and Pamper’s Swaddlers.  Surprisingly, the Up & Up (Target Brand) won.  Of course, they might be different when they’re on an actual baby, but I’ve heard very good things about the Target brand of diapers for when the baby’s older.

After the fun & games, we ate some delicious Italian food (I split a special GF meal with my mom) and opened up some gifts.  Baby C got a lot of nice things and luckily, we didn’t get a ton of clothes and what did get was Chicago specific.

Will baby be a Cubs Fan or a Brewers fan?

We loved all of our gifts and am very thankful for the wonderful family and friends that were there to help make Baby C’s first shower a success.  We have another one coming up in a few short weeks in WI hosted by my mom and sister.  I can’t wait for this one either 🙂

This week, baby C has grown into a beautiful butternut squash.  Baby’s weight is still at about 2.5 lbs and is just a little over 15 inches long.  Muscles and lungs continue to mature and baby’s noggin is getting bigger to make room for its developing brain.  I’ve been pretty conscious about what I’m eating during this pregnancy, to ensure that baby’s getting the most nutrients from the best food.  I’ve definitely given into my share of cravings (hello ice cream!), but this trimester, most of baby’s weight gain comes from the  foods that I eat, so I’ve been trying to get the best.  Since baby is head down, I’ve also felt a lot of pressure on my bladder..fun fun!


How am I feeling?  Very pregnant.  After my shower on Sunday, my feet were definitely swollen.  Between a mix of the heat (high 90s in June?!) and being on them all day, they were not very happy with me.  When we got back home, I put them up and hubs offered up a foot rub without being asked 🙂  My energy levels feel somewhat normal.  I’m still tired, but I don’t feel like a zombie anymore so I call that a win.  I made it to Zumba today in my “Dancing for Two” tank and I received lots of compliments.  One girl told me that her friends all took Zumba up until they delivered and they had very short births (side note-a pregnant woman can never hear enough positive birth stories so, please keep them coming!).  My favorite thing to do at night, is to sit and watch my stomach move around.  There has been a lot more movement the past few weeks and I find it both awesome and weird at the same time.  Sometimes, I still can’t believe that there’s a little human inside of there.  I’ve never been so excited to meet anyone in my life!  Just a few more months 🙂


One thought on “Week 29-Baby C’s Chicago Shower

  1. Eliz June 13, 2012 / 2:27 pm

    Hahahah Love the cubs shirt….Great hot weather for an outdoor party!


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