31 Weeks-Showered with Love

This past weekend was a busy one.  I attended a wedding with my sister and danced the night away, walked around strawberry fest in Cedarburg WI and had our second baby shower for baby C (we had our second baby shower (1st baby shower was in Chicago) hosted by my lovely mom and wonderful sister.

It was nice to be able to see and catch up with everyone all at one time.  Baby Campbell got a lot of nice things and TONS of books.  When my family sent the invites out, my sister inserted a piece of paper stating to bring a book a long instead of a card.  I’m so glad that she thought of this.  I thought for sure we’d get some repeat books…not a single one was given twice.  We did, however, receive 3 pack n plays 🙂

To kick off the shower we started with some games.  One game was match the meaning to the name and the other game was guess how big around Maria is 🙂 That was fun.  I had a few people get it right on target while others definitely overestimated.

We ate brunch and dessert was courtesy of Miss Cupcake out of Milwaukee.  She made the cupcakes for our wedding and I’m so happy that my mom ordered from her again.  We had an orange flavored cupcake (gluten-free), tres leche cupcake, and a strawberries and cream baby shower cake.  All of them were amazing and delicious as usual.

The guests were also asked to fill out their hopes & dreams for Baby C.  This was such a cute idea and so much fun to read with hubs after the shower.  It’s something I definitely want to hang onto and show the little one what everyone wrote when he or she gets older.

The shower was a big success.  We received pretty much everything that we needed and I now have an abundance of receiving blankets.  The only thing that we didn’t get that I really want is a jogging stroller so I think we are going to put our gift cards and cash towards that purchase.

What’s Baby C up to this week?  This week, baby’s measuring about 16 inches and weighs a little over 3 lbs.  Baby’s getting plump and the skin is becoming less wrinkled.  Baby is also moving around like CRAZY!!!!! Last night my stomach would not stop moving in every direction.  I felt like the baby was kicking its little hands and feet saying, “Get me outta here!”

How I’m feeling? Pregnant…and wonderful.  Besides the minor aches and pains, I still feel really great.  I was able to wear heels, and dance until 2am Friday night at my sister’s friend’s wedding.  Not too shabby for 31 weeks 🙂  I know most people say the second trimester is their favorite, but so far I’m really loving the third trimester.  Yes, I’m starting to get limited in my ability to do certain things, but feeling the baby move the way it does, is just so truly amazing.  I hope that when I go to my dr.’s appointment next week, baby is still head down.  If not, we’ve got lots of time to work on that, right? Right!


One thought on “31 Weeks-Showered with Love

  1. Eliz July 2, 2012 / 2:42 pm

    31 weeks already! whoa baby will be here soon! I loooove your cake a very cute detail!


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