Weekend Recap-Summer in Milwaukee

Like Chasin Mason said last night, “There’s nothing like it.”  The last four summers I’ve spent the majority of my time in Chicago.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Windy City, especially in the summer, but nothing beats a summer in Milwaukee.  This weekend was the epitome of  what a perfect Milwaukee summer is.

On Friday, my mom and I took my sister out to dinner at Ryan Braun‘s new restaurant, Graffito.  We took her out because she’s leaving us for 3 weeks and venturing to the East Coast for some military training.

I’ve been wanting to check this place out since it opened and I’m so happy that my sister suggested it.  Everything is made from scratch and bought locally.  They also have many gluten-free options available for my madre and myself 🙂  All of their pastas can be made gluten-free with the exception of their ravioli.  I decided to roll with the shrimp scampi and added mushrooms and goat cheese.

Verdict?  I thought it was good.  Nothing that was “out of this world outstanding” but good.  The sauce was a little watery for my taste and I would’ve liked it if the shrimp weren’t so small.  If I ever get back there again, I would try something else.  My mom had the pasta primavera (gluten-free) and she said the same thing about the sauce.  Maybe it’s the gluten free pasta?  Not sure.  But the service was excellent and the freshly squeezed lemonade was very refreshing, especially on a hot summer night.

On Saturday, I met the same ladies (mom and sister) at the Original Pancake house in Brookfield for a morning of breakfast and shopping at Babies R Us.  I had some gift cards to use and some things that still needed to be purchased.  I’m so happy that my mom came along with.  She had some great advice about baby products and offered some helpful solutions as to what bottles to use.  Besides stuff for baby, I also picked up a few nursing tank tops for myself.  Time is getting so close!

After I got back and washed all of the baby’s clothes, LC and I decided to venture down to Summerfest by the lakefront.  Summerfest is the world’s largest music festival that’s put on every year by Milwaukee’s lakefront.

You pay to get in but there are tons of stages of free music and then one main headliner that plays at the Marcus Amphitheater, which you have to pay for.  Last night, Chasin Mason, Phil Vassar, Cake, Common, Anthony Hamilton and Chevelle (just to name a few) were playing.  Hubs and I walked around, he drank some beer while I ate, and we just enjoyed each other’s company and had fun people watching.  I really wanted to stay to see Cake, but my feet were killing me and I was so tired.  Even though it was beautiful weather outside, all I wanted to do was go home, lay home and put my feet up on the couch.  When we got the car, I started crying…I felt so bad for leaving the party early but at the same time I couldn’t handle anymore.  I also felt bad that I made hubs go home on such a beautiful night.  Gotta love third trimester hormones!

Today, I spent a few hours at Target 🙂 and then we took little Oliver to the dog park.  Because it’s been unusually hot here, he’s been getting gipped on his walks so we took him out for some much needed exercise.  We played his favorite game fetch.  It was still pretty warm out today, so he was pretty tired at the end of play time.

After the dog park, we came back and threw some chicken on the grill while I stayed inside and whipped up some risotto.  To top off it all off, we finished our night off with a tasty treat:

Because what’s a Milwaukee summer without a little frozen custard?

Summerfest and frozen custard are two things that come to mind when I think of Milwaukee in the summer time.

What festivals/things are your city known for?

See you tomorrow with a 33 week prego update!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap-Summer in Milwaukee

  1. runningthewindycity July 9, 2012 / 11:00 am

    I used to love Culvers before I found out I was allergic to dairy! There is nothing quite like custard in the summer!


    • Maria C July 9, 2012 / 11:04 am

      Before I was pregnant, custard and I were not friends! I learned in one of my baby classes that some food intolerances go away with pregnancy 🙂 What I really LOVE from Culver’s are those lemon ice things.


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