My Version of the Perfect Tri

Today I decided to shake things up a bit in the workout department.  Instead of the usual (walking, zumba,bar method or gym) I decided to give prenatal yoga a try.  My roommate from college talked about how she enjoyed taking it in California and thought that the classes help you with learning different coping techniques for labor, so I thought I’d give it a try.  It felt really good to stretch and it was nice to learn how to modify different poses (like tree pose), but I miss hot, sweaty yoga.  I miss chatarungas and downward facing dog.  It felt good, but it just wasn’t the yoga that I’m used to.  And at $20 a class, I think I’ll hold out for the Bikram yoga that’s located across the street.  My prenatal bar method DVD helps me plenty in holding certain poses until muscle fatigue which I think will come in handy on delivery day.  Just like the instructor has said in class, “Don’t give up when it gets too hard, you can’t give up on contractions!” True story.
Speaking of Bar Method, yesterday was a 3 workout kind of day.  I just had that much energy in me, so why waste it?  I don’t think it’s the “nesting” energy you get before you go into labor.  I think my energy came from the good night’s sleep I had gotten the night before.
I started off with a walk early afternoon/ late morning.  I wanted to redeem myself after the Summerfest fiasco and make sure that I was ready for my Bastille Days walk on Thursday.  I do so much better walking in tennis shoes at a fast pace than I do walking in flat sandals at a slow leisurely pace.  After my 2.5 mile walk outdoors, I came home snacked on some watermelon and popped in prenatal Bar Method.  Always a favorite of mine.  After I was nice and sweaty, I decided that a dip in the pool was a necessity.  It was nothing too crazy: I swam a few laps, treaded some water and did some handstands in the pool.  That’s right!  This 8 month prego was doing handstands in the water.  Let me explain my crazy behavior.  At my last doctor’s appointment the doctor she informed me that Baby C is in a breech position.  While she’s not worried now (I was only 32 weeks), she suggested that I do some exercises that might help baby get into a head down position while baby still has some room.  Handstands in the water was one of the things I read on the website 🙂 
After meeting up with my girlfriends to see Magic Mike and my 3 a day workout, I slept like a baby.  It’s amazing what some exercise does for the pregnant body! My lower back pain last night was pretty much non-existent.  So walking, Bar Method, and swimming makes up my “perfect for me right now” triathlon.  I’d like to one day complete a real triathlon, but this will have to do for right now.  The only thing that makes me nervous about completing one is the swim.  The run and biking I have down, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any type of distance swimming.
Question: Have you ever participated in a triathlon? If so, what training program did you use?  If you could choose any sport/activity to make up your own triathlon, what would they be?  

4 thoughts on “My Version of the Perfect Tri

  1. Lindsey July 11, 2012 / 7:28 am

    I did a mini Tri in May, 250m swim, 9km bike and 3 km run. I never really trained for it since it was so short. However, since I had never ever swam before I did start swimming 4 months before once a week. Which proved not to be a enough when I literally had a panic attack in the pool race day! Oops.
    I am not a swimmer so not sure I will do any more Tri’s but I would love to do a team and relay one there I could do the running OR have one that is like 50m swim, 9km run, 3km bike. haha


  2. Chantal July 11, 2012 / 12:03 pm

    I’m starting to train for a sprint triathlon! No real program yet, I’m working on my running before diving into the other stuff!

    My baby turned breech around 38 weeks – it sucked!


    • Maria C July 11, 2012 / 1:41 pm

      Dd the baby end up flipping before delivery? You would think at that point there’s not much room to flip.


  3. runningthewindycity July 11, 2012 / 2:33 pm

    Sounds like you had some great workouts :). I did a sprint tri in June and am doing another in August. I didn’t follow any plans but made sure I got in some good runs, 2 swims a week, one brick workout, and one longer run. I also tried to do a few 2-a-days with swimming and running. I felt more than prepared. If I do a longer tri I’ll probably follow a more structured plan but for the sprint distance that seemed to be enough!!


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