35 Weeks-Random Thoughts

Let me just start out by saying that since I’m in the later phase of pregnancy, cooking is really not appealing to me at the moment.  Hence lack of recipes on the blog lately 😦  However, this has allowed LC to stretch his culinary wings and amaze me.  Case in point:  Basil rubbed grilled pork  chop served with grilled nectarines stuffed with blue cheese, pine nuts and drizzled with honey.


Heaven in my mouth.  This was tonight’s dinner and it was delicious.  Something he can definitely make again…{hint hint if you’re reading babe}

-I’m 35 weeks into this pregnancy.  Baby’s measuring over 18 inches and about 5 1/4 pounds.  About the size of a honeydew melon.

-I’d like people to know that I’m pregnant, not handicapped.  The other day I was taking a large bowl of potato salad out of the refrigerator at work when someone told me that I shouldn’t be lifting something so heavy, so he came over and helped me.  Nice gesture but completely unnecessary.

-The baby likes to stretch its little legs and feet into my right rib cage (baby’s head down!!).  It’s rather uncomfortable and I try to put pressure against my right side with my hand to help the baby move.  Apparently baby doesn’t like that because the other day I felt the biggest kick ever right through my ribs.  I asked my mom, “What if the baby breaks one of my ribs?!” While I know this could never happen, I can’t help but think of pregnant Bella in Breaking Dawn part 1.

-When going “team green” people like to guess what you’re having based on how you’re carrying.  I’ve heard reasons on why I’m having a girl and reasons on why people think I’m having a boy.  I don’t mind it so much, I expect it.  But please don’t sit and argue with me and tell me for a matter of fact that I am without a doubt having a boy or girl.  I was getting my brows waxed when the esthetician says to me “You’re having a boy”.  To which I respond, “Lots of people say that.  We’ll see pretty soon!”  She says back, “No you’re having a boy, I can tell.”

-Never go to the grocery store hungry.  You should never do this, but being pregnant just makes it worse.  If you do, make sure you have a snack on hand.  Today at Whole Foods I approached the check out lane and was pretty hungry.  I saw Carol’s Cookies sitting there: peanut butter and chocolate chip (why didn’t I ever think of this combo for cookies?). They were calling out to me so I grabbed one.  Without me saying anything, the checkout girl rang it up and set it aside.  Meanwhile another girl was bagging the groceries.  When she got the end she asked if I could hand her the cookie so that she could put it in my bag.  I said, “No, I’m actually going to be eating this right now.” The girl who was ringing up the groceries said, “I thought so, that’s why I set it aside”. HA!

-Sleeping is becoming really uncomfortable.  It’s times like this I’m really thankful LC works 3rd shift because I get the whole bed to myself most nights.  Early this morning he was up at 4am (sleep schedules get screwed up here during the weekend) and he woke up and gave me a back massage.  A 4am back massage because he couldn’t sleep? I’m one of the lucky ones 🙂

-I’ve watched so many movies and read so many books that I’m completely ready and not at all nervous for this delivery.  I keep telling myself that but yesterday I freaked out when I was having a really strong braxton hicks contraction at the movies.  It went away after walking around for a bit.  I think I freaked out mostly because it’s still too early for Baby C to come into the world, but I’m definitely ready to meet the little guy or gal 🙂

-I have no idea how the 9 month pregnant lady ran/walked the Chicago marathon last year.  I walked 2.75 miles on Sunday and I felt like I accomplished something incredibly awesome.  There were a few times I had to move at a snail like walk because the baby has definitely dropped and things were getting a bit uncomfortable.

-I will feel more at peace once the baby’s out, healthy and we’re all home safe and sound.  I pray to God every night that I have the patience to be a good and loving mom.  I have been extremely blessed with a very easy/problem free pregnancy and I pray that this carries over into labor and delivery.

2 weeks until baby is considered full-term & 5 more weeks until the due date!


3 thoughts on “35 Weeks-Random Thoughts

  1. chantalmshelstad July 24, 2012 / 1:55 pm

    Strangers were convinced I was having a boy when they looked at me! Nope, we found out we were having a girl, and she definitely came out as a girl!


  2. fitnwellmommy July 24, 2012 / 3:43 pm

    It’s funny how everyone has their opinion of what you are having. I got that all the time from perfect strangers and family members when I was pregnant. My in-laws thought I was having a girl (they were set on it) and we had a boy! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I found the last few weeks the most uncomfortable, since the baby is low and in position (plus you have to go to the bathroom all the time, or at least I had to!).


    • Maria C July 24, 2012 / 6:21 pm

      Thank you! So far I’m feeling okay except for that whole sleeping thing 🙂 My in-laws are the same way, they’re also convinced it’s a boy.


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