The Perfect Weekend + Bar Method DVD winner

We have a winner!  To choose the lucky person, I used and came up with lucky #2! 




The winner of the Bar Method DVD giveaway was KM, another fellow prego, who also uses Bar Method as a way to mentally prepare for labor contractions 🙂 KM, e-mail me at with your shipping info so that I can get you that DVD as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I started my day off in the most relaxing way possible: A day at the spa with my mama.  Back in May, I came across a Groupon for a spa package right in time for Mother’s Day.  It included a 3o minute facial, 30 minute massage, and a pedicure.  I bought one for my mom since the spa is right down the street from her house and then hubs turned around and bought one for me, so I got to enjoy the spa day along side my mom.  When I went on their website to look up what types of massages they offered, there was nothing about prenatal massages, so I was going to trade in my massage for either an hour long facial or manicure.  But when I called and asked if they offered prenatal massages I was happy to hear that they did.  It was the most amazing thing my pregnant body has experienced so far.  For starters, I got to LAY ON MY STOMACH!!! They had the bed with the belly cut out and it was awesome.  I wanted to take it home with me.  Since the massage was only a 1/2 hour, I had her focus more on my lower back.  I walked out of there feeling like I had a brand new body.  I will say that I’m a little disappointed that I discovered them so late in the game.  I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow and I’m going to see what my doctor has to say, but hopefully I can sneak one more in before delivery day.

After our morning at the spa, we headed next door and enjoyed a yummy breakfast.  I had a feta and spinach omelet with potatoes.

After breakfast, I came home and cleaned (not so relaxing) and worked on a little DIY project I have going on right now for the baby’s room.  Cleaning on Saturday evenings is not the norm around here, but we have plans to go to Chicago today and Wisconsin State Fair tomorrow, so Saturday cleaning it was.

Even though I was pretty tired from my cleaning session, I managed to still cook us up something for dinner.  I didn’t want to go out because I feel like we’ve been eating like total crap this week, so I baked some salmon (seasoned with olive oil, agave, rosemary and basil) with a side of steamed beets, kale and goat cheese.  It was the quickest, easiest and healthiest meal I’ve made in a while. Not to mention, tasty 🙂


We’re off to play tourist in the Windy City 🙂 I’m so excited to be going back for the day! We don’t really have a set agenda, just walking around and seeing where the day takes us.

Where’s your favorite place to day trip?



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