A hint of Fall

The past three and a half weeks have been spent doing a lot of this…

and this…

Staring at and cuddling all day long with my blue-eyed peanut.  Watching her change and grow the past few weeks has been truly amazing.  We’ve been doing tummy time almost on a daily basis and her head and neck control seems really advanced for such a young age.  A few hours after I delivered her, she was laying on my chest trying to lift her head and look around.  She loves to see what’s going on around her.

This past week, I’ve been slowly trying to get to somewhat of a normal routine pre-Madelyn.  I went for a few power walks and did a low intensity 20 Zumba sesh on the Xbox (although it did not feel like low intensity).  I also made dinner twice last week.  Hubs and take out were responsible for the other 5 days.

Night one was maple glazed salmon, parmesan risotto and asparagus.

The second meal was bacon parmesan brussels sprouts and maple apple pork chops.  Last week, we got a touch of fall weather in Wisconsin and I cooked accordingly.  The apple, maple syrup and brown sugar baked pork chops were a hit.  The  drive thru line outside of Starbucks was longer than usual.  I suspect everyone was getting their pumpkin spice latte on.  As much as I wanted one, I wasn’t quite ready to treat myself yet.  Not with 80 degree weather the following day.  As much as I love the coziness that the fall weather brings, I’m not quite ready to embrace the season yet.  Sometimes I feel like holidays come earlier and earlier each year.

This week my grandparents are here from Arkansas visiting us and the baby.  My grandma brought along some gluten free peanut butter cookies, gf sugar cookies with pecans and a gluten free apple pie!  So good but definitely on a sugar overload this week.  She also made us a Mexican fiesta yesterday with chicken enchiladas and mole sauce, rice and beans.  My uncle came over yesterday and stayed for most of the day.  He just can’t get enough of little Madelyn.  She was crying and being really fussy yesterday so my uncle took her from me and rocked her right to sleep.  I have nicknamed him the baby whisperer 🙂 I think she was just a little overstimulated from all the excitement yesterday because tonight it’s just LC and me here with her and she’s being the perfect little angel.

I’m off to enjoy some quality time with my husband and catch up with some of my favorite blogs!  I hope you’re enjoying your evening.


One thought on “A hint of Fall

  1. Eliz September 14, 2012 / 11:45 am

    awwww spending quality time with your little one!! 🙂 I ❤ asparagus…I haven't made any in awhile!


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