10 days of Real Food days 8, 9, &10

**The 10 Days of Real Food challenge actually ended last Friday, the 28th, but I’m just getting around to posting it now.**

The last few days of the Real Food challenge were kind of monotonous.  Lots of apple cinnamon oatmeal bowls and pancakes filled my mornings for breakfast while baked sweet potatoes smothered in almond butter remained a lunchtime staple.

Last week, I broke out the slow cooker to try out some recipes for when I go back to work. One of the recipes I found via Pinterest.

Source: food.com via Maria on Pinterest

Slow cooker Asian Sesame Pork Ribs.  Since I went to Trader Joe’s for this particular grocery trip and they didn’t have pork ribs for sale, I just used boneless pork chops instead and during the last half hour of cooking, I added in broccoli florets.  Serve over brown rice and you have yourself one tasty/healthy little meal.

 I’m off to get a little workout in while the little sleeps 🙂  If I have enough energy leftover later I just might celebrate October by making pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting…


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