A few weeks ago I posted about my lack of discipline with tracking Weight Watchers points just via E-Tools and I blogged about whether or not I would just switch back to MyFitnessPal because it’s FREE and it does work.  I tried it for about a week, and yes I did lose some weight but I also noticed that my milk supply was decreasing.  Instead of just giving up on the weight loss effort altogether, I quit doing Weight Watchers just online and I joined their weekly meetings + e-tools.  My first week was actually the week of Thanksgiving (what was I thinking?!)  I did end up gaining, but only .4lbs.  When I went last week, I was down 3lbs.  Success.  I also noticed that my milk supply was back to normal.

With Weight Watchers I get a daily points allowance of 44.  That includes the 14 extra that they give moms who are exclusively breastfeeding.  When Madelyn starts eating solids (which might be any day now), I will subtract 7 points from that total, because I will be breastfeeding but supplementing.  When I plan out my meals, the 44 points is more than enough.  One evening, I had 15 points leftover so hubs ran to DQ and got me a carmel sundae.  Probably not the smartest way to spend 12 points, but I really wanted ice cream and I could have it without sabotaging my efforts.

I attend the meetings every Monday morning with a bunch of older grandma types, and I really enjoy it.  Last week, I brought Madelyn with me and everyone just loved her 🙂 One of the topics of last week’s meeting was creating Safe Spaces.  They focused on home, work, dining out, etc. I carry apple slices in my purse and in my kitchen I’ve gone through all of our packaged stuff (yogurt, nut butters, hummus, trail mix etc) and I’ve written the points value on everything that I possible can. The most important thing I learned was how big of a deal planning is. You are allowed 49 “extra” points throughout the week.  You can choose not to use them or use them as you need them.  We are going out for my father in-law’s birthday dinner tomorrow and I will probably dip into my extra points for the meal.  I have decided yet if I’m going to treat it as a normal meal or a treat for myself.  I’ve been pretty good this week so I’m leaning towards treat 🙂

The meetings keep me accountable with weekly weigh-ins, provide great support and awesome advice from other members.  One of my biggest problems is that I really like to come home from work and snack on random stuff in the kitchen or snack on things as I’m cooking or baking.  And because I’m picking here and there I don’t count points, which I should because those bites count for something.  So now, when I come home from work I try to remember to stick a piece of gum in my mouth so that I won’t snack or I grab an apple or some veggies and hummus from the refrigerator.

Weekly Weight Watchers meetings are also a great source for new, healthy recipes.  I bought their salted carmel smoothie mix because it sounded heavenly, and my leader told me about smoothie pancakes-a pack of the salted carmel mix with 3 egg whites and a teeny bit of water just to thin it out.

smoothie pancakes

You prepare and cook them like pancakes and they turn out similar to the consistency of crepes.  With the salted carmel smoothie mix, no syrup is necessary because they’re already sweet and you’ve got 3-4 smoothie pancakes for a total of 3 points.  Add a banana or apple and you’ve got yourself a nice little breakfast 🙂 I’ve made them the night before and I reheat them at work the next day in the microwave and they’re just as good-creating safe spaces at work!

I’m off to earn some activity points-today we’re moving my mom into her new house 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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