Slow Cooker (kinda) Enchiladas

I hope everyone had a great day!  Despite the fact that we really don’t celebrate this “holiday”, I had the best Valentine’s day:  A picnic with my funny valentine:


Normally, she would’ve been at daycare today but they called me yesterday at work telling me that she had spiked a fever-so we spent the day playing and cuddling.  It amazes me that even though she feels so crummy, she can still manage to laugh and smile-I hope that she always keeps that positive attitude.  

It’s been a while since I’ve made a recipe worthy of sharing.  If I’m not making some sort of chili in the slow cooker, our meals usually consist of a protein (poultry or fish) vegetables, and sometimes a carb/starch.  Exciting stuff happening in the kitchen…I know.

Well tonight, I wanted to mix it up and do something different, yet easy.  Dealing with a sick baby who won’t nap leaves very little time for tinkering around in the kitchen.  Yesterday, one of my co-workers made an enchilada casserole that was amazing and I recently saw something on Pinterest for slow cooker chicken enchiladas.  So I combined the two recipes for something amazing.

  • I lined 5 chicken breasts at the bottom on my slow cooker and poured just enough chicken broth in the pot so that they wouldn’t burn.
  • I sprinkled the chicken with taco seasoning and then topped them with enchilada sauce verde along with low-fat cream cheese cubes.
  • I cooked them on low for 7 hours.  
  • About an hour before I was done cooking them, I covered them with a shredded mexican cheese blend and green onions.



Instead of shredding the chicken, I found it to be easier to just put each breast on top of a tortilla and served it with a side of rice and beans.  Easy peasy and very delicious.  Each chicken breast ends up being 7+ points.  Skipping the cheese, would set you back 5+ points, but let’s be realistic 🙂 

ImageI’m off to cruise Craigslist for some furniture to rehab!  If Pinterest were my full-time job, I’d be an expert at it 🙂   


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