6 Month Update

ImageOkay, so more like 6 months and a few days.  We’ve been very busy over here! I know I say this every month, and I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  In another 6 months, we’ll be celebrating Madelyn’s first birthday and I will no longer have a baby, I’ll be the mother to a toddler!  CRAZY!  Speaking of birthdays…I’ve already started planning hers and I’m really excited for the theme.  To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about having a baby with an August birthday.  For one, being pregnant in the dead of summer is no fun.  Secondly, she’s going to be the youngest of her friends and I always thought it would be so much fun to host fall/pumpkin farm themed parties.  But now that I have an August baby, I’ve come to realize that summer really has an endless number of possibilities!  Pool parties, ice cream parties…with a planner of a mom, this girl is in for a treat!

The time between 5 and 6 months has been the biggest of them all.  Up until this point, she’s done little things and is developing right on schedule.  But this month we heard our first full-belly giggles, dabbled with solid foods, and have started to see a bit more of her personality shine through.  She is by far the happiest baby I know and I hope that she always maintains that.  She’s also a girl on the move!  I have a feeling we’ll need to start baby proofing soon.

Sleep.  We’ve had a few rough nights that I can blame on teething.  Baby girl had us spoiled from about 6 weeks on.  We truly lucked out in the sleep department so when she threw me a few surprises I was not the happiest mama on the block-but then I reminded myself that it could be a million times worse.  I usually give her a little bit of tylenol, nurse her and have her sleep with me until it’s time to get up in the morning.  Hubs works nights, so a lot of the time it’s just her and me in the bed.  I am a strong believer in co-sleeping and, if done right, studies have shown that it can be very beneficial to the baby.

Eat.  She realizes that the stuff I’m trying to give her on a spoon will actually satisfy her hunger.  It finally clicked with her like, “Hey I’m supposed to be eating this stuff!”  So far we’ve tried, bananas, cereal, peas, and refried beans.  She’s loved it all.  Hurray for no picky eaters! (So far anyway)  At her 6 month appointment, her doctor told us that he wants her to be eating solids 3 times a day.  So in the morning I will usually feed her cereal, daycare feeds her whatever solid I pack, and then she eats with us at dinner.  I’m on a mission to make all my own baby food.  I think the amount you pay for those tiny jars is ridiculous.  I was at Target and a jar of organic carrots was 88 cents.  I made 18 2oz jars of green beans for $2.39 total!  I steamed the green beans, put them in the vitamix, and blended them for about 30 seconds.  Voila!  I’m still nursing when I’m with her & pumping at work.  I’m giving myself until April and then I will slowly start the weaning process.  I was going to stop at 6 months, but with all the upcoming changes, stopping breastfeeding was advised against when I was doing the research on weaning.


Play.  I cannot believe how much she has changed in this area.  She’s constantly laughing, smiling and touching your face when you hold her.  She thinks Oliver and her dad are hysterical.  She loves to play peek a boo and to sit and listen to Larry and I have a conversation or read to her.  She enjoys reaching for things and scoots herself to get something she’s interested in.

Here’s a video of us playing Peek a Boo! Please forgive the annoying, shrill mom voice 🙂

Happy 6 months baby girl!  We are so thankful that you’re in our lives to brighten our day with laughter and smiles!


One thought on “6 Month Update

  1. Melissa February 22, 2013 / 9:52 am

    A happy baby indeed! I hope she stays that way as she grows older! I can’t wait to give her a big hug and have play time with her. She is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful caring mom who is a fantastic planner. She will have the greatest birthday parties! Happy 6 months Madelyn!


    Auntie Mel


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