7 months…Where’s my baby?


Here I am again…tardy to the {Madelyn’s Monthly update} party.  Her 7 month B-Day fell on St. Pat’s day.  We celebrated in Chi-tizzle with the in-laws.  My MIL made corned beef & cabbage and Irish soda bread.  Everything was pretty tasty, but I got some grief for not having Madelyn in anything green.  Call me cheap, but I just didn’t see anything worth buying for one day.

To say that I love watching my baby girl grow and get more curious about the world around her is an understatement.  I can sit and stare and play with her all day long.  Every day that passes brings on new adventures and discoveries.  It’s pretty amazing to think that hubs and I created such a beautiful awesome little girl.

Sleep.  Sleep has been amazingly wonderful given the fact that we are living in a new house.  The only problem is, that our room is right next to Madelyn’s.  I can see her crib from our bed.  When she goes down around 7:30, I pretty much just hang out in the living room because she starts to stir at the sound of my voice…so no more laying in bed and chatting on the phone.  She’s been waking up around 5:30/6am-I usually change her, feed her and she’s back to bed until around 8:30.  Naps are still pretty all over the place and she no longer loves being rocked to sleep {sobs}.  The past few nights she wants to be put into her crib to sleep and I no longer have a sleeping baby on chest nightly.  I both love and hate this all at once.


Eat.   Over the past month, we have made the transition from BFing and pumping to a milk-based formula.  Breastfeeding came naturally for both Madelyn and me and if it weren’t for my trip coming up at the end of April, I would have continued on for the first year.  It’s easily accessible (no mixing formulas or warming bottles), it’s FREE, and it’s time for bonding between the two of us.  I’m no longer pumping and I’m down to two feedings a day (morning and evening) and will likely stay there until the end of April.  She’s now eating 3 solids a day and she will pretty much eat anything soft.  I can’t get avocados into her mouth fast enough.  Some new faves this months are squash, brown rice pasta, blood oranges, sweet potatoes and carrots.  I bought baby food for the first time this month-what a rip!  Because of moving and working, I didn’t have time to make my own.  Even with a coupon I couldn’t believe at how expensive it is compared to making homemade.  I’m hoping to make a few batches this weekend.  Right now, we’re sticking to mostly pureed foods until baby girl gets some teeth.  I have been biting off some of my food and feeding it to her.  So sometimes, she enjoys what we eat for dinner.


Play.  Madelyn’s a girl on the move!  I can put her down on the floor, turn my back for a few seconds and she’s completely turned the other way around.  She’s not crawling yet, but I feel like that will be happening very soon.  I’m hoping that it happens before I leave.  To coerce her to crawl, I bought a little ball that moves and lights up on its own so that she can chase that around-she loves it!  Even though she’s not really crawling yet, Madelyn loves to stand up on things and tries so hard to pull herself up when she’s toppled over.  Her crib is her favorite place to stand.  She continues to laugh and smile every single day.  I swear I gave birth to the happiest baby in the world.  She plays peek a boo with us now-she’ll take the blanket over her face and pull it away from herself and laugh hysterically when I say “Peek a boo!”


Onto month EIGHT!!! I will cherish the next month like no other.


One thought on “7 months…Where’s my baby?

  1. Lisa Gonzalez March 22, 2013 / 8:12 am

    Maria…I just love reading your posts….she is just so precious…we love her to death

    Aunt Lisa


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