What’s Old is New Again

I know I’ve talked about this before, but one of the perks of my  job is that we get an hour a day to workout.  Usually I will either workout at our little gym here on base or I will go to the high school up the road from us and run around the indoor track.  To fight the boredom of running indoors, I usually do a 1.5 mile warm up run followed by one lap sprints with a minute of strength training in between for the next mile.
Yesterday, a few of my co-workers and I decided to try Jazzercise.  Today’s Jazzercise ain’t your grandma’s class!  We jammed out to Usher, some Latin musica, and other upbeat and current hits.  It was so much fun.  It’s set up a lot like Zumba in that the instructor is in front of the class and you pretty much just follow a long with what she’s doing.  I actually found it easier to do than some of the Zumba classes I’ve taken.  Another plus that Jazzercise has over Zumba is that it incorporates strength training into the workout.  We danced for about a half hour and the rest of the class we focused on legs, arms and abs.  It was the perfect combination of all my favorite things.
I wore my HRM, which unfortunately kept cutting in and out, and it says that I burned about 364 calories-about the same that my Garmin calculated yesterday during my 20 minute run.  I’d much rather burn those calories by dancing and having fun than running around in a stuffy gym.  The class was $12 but they had packages and specials that you could choose to buy.  I might try to go near my house this weekend.
It’s finally getting nice enough here to run outside, so I’m looking into what races I want to train for this summer-but it’s good to change it up every now and then and try out some new classes.  I’ve decided to join the lovely Sarah, in #100daysofworkouts so I’ll be trying out a few different workouts to keep it interesting 🙂

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