Madelyn-8 Months Old

Standing, waving, laughing, dancing her way into my heart every day.  I often sit and wonder what my life was like before her.  What did I do to fill my time?  How have I lived this long without that smile?

Long gone are the days were I could just put the monthly sticker on her onesie.  I now have to attachment on the chair or else it ends up as a snack 🙂


This month has gone by a lot more quickly than I would’ve liked.  I’m getting ready to leave for a long work trip and I’m having a pretty hard time with it.  The only thing getting me through it will be the location and the fact that my sister’s going with me.  Here’s to hoping that the next month just FLIES by.

Sleep. A dream as usual.  She’s been sleeping until about 7 am and is finally starting to get on a regular nap schedule.  We’ve become those people that plan our every day around her nap time.  Naps in the car just aren’t the same as naps in the crib.  Speaking of crib, we’ve had to lower it because someone has decided it was time to stand and see what was going on there in the world.


Eat.  Some new foods we’ve tried this month: Asparagus, brown rice, lentils, strawberries, sweet potato polenta, and mashed potatoes.  We went out to eat a few weeks ago and I brought along Madelyn’s baby food.  For my meal, I ordered shepherd’s pie and fed her some of my mashed potatoes.  Every time I fed her the baby food, she cried-she preferred the mashed potatoes 🙂 We also introduced her to puffs.  I’m trying to get her to learn to grasp food with her fingers and put them in her mouth.  Breastfeeding has come to a complete end and I’m both sad and relieved about this.  My goal was to continue breastfeeding until I left, but Madelyn had other plans.  One morning when I was feeding her, she kept turning away and fussing-she wanted her bottle instead.  I kept trying and she kept denying me.  So that was our last feeding.  I’m really happy that it happened the way that it did.  If I would’ve had to stop before she was ready, I would’ve felt even more guilty about leaving.


 Play.  She’s going to be crawling any day now and I’m scared that I’m going to miss it.  Madelyn can get up on her hands and knees, but when she tries to go forward she falls right on to her tummy.  She can crawl backward though.  I have off this week, so we will be spending lots of time playing on the floor.  The biggest development-she’s learned to wave “hi” and “bye”.  She will sit and wave to Oliver and her friends at daycare.

It’s crazy to think that when I get home, planning for her first birthday will be well under way.  Happy 8 months to my baby girl, who brings us joy every single day.


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