9 & 10 Months-Movin’ & Groovin’

When Madelyn turned 9 months, I was deployed and I can honestly say for the first time, the time between 8 and 9 months seemed to have taken FOREVER.  Granted, my time in Guam overall seemed to go by very quickly, I just felt like she was 8 months for a really long time, and I was okay with that.  

When I found out that I was getting deployed, I was pretty bummed.  I kept focusing on all the things that I would miss, 5 weeks out of her life that I would never get to experience with her. Thank God for FaceTime and technology because I got to experience a lot of her growth through my iPad.  When I got home, it was almost like I had never left and I didn’t feel like I missed out on much.  



I returned home 1/2 way between 9 and 10 months and the biggest change that I noticed was how mobile she had become!  My first week home, she gave me a definite run for my money.  Between chasing a crawling baby around and getting over jet-lag, I was one tired, exhausted mama.  I’m so happy to be home and blessed beyond words that I get to spend my time watching her grow and discover this crazy world around her.  I have a feeling that the next two months are going to just fly right on by and before you know it, we’ll no longer have a baby, but a toddler.

Sleep.  Still a dream come true.  Her naps at daycare have been pretty short to nonexistent.  I think she’s just too interested in what’s going on around her to sleep.  Naps depend on how late she sleeps.  On most weekends we get about 12-13 hours of sleep from her a time and during the week, I have to wake her up and she doesn’t get up very easily.  The girl enjoys her sleep, which I appreciate very much.

Eat.    We are starting to move away from pureed foods and am now starting to give her more of what we’re eating.  With two little teeth, I feel more comfortable giving her food that she can chew up.  Some of her new favorites are  baked beans, steamed carrots, Cheerios, strawberries, quinoa, and blueberry waffles.  She’s also really gotten into trying to feed herself.  She will take the spoon or the piece of food out of my hand and put it into her mouth.  Makes for a fun clean up!



Play.  Crawling and keeping me on my toes.  She also likes to walk if you’re holding her or she walks if she’s holding onto the furniture.  One thing Madelyn learned while I was gone was to play patty cake.  When you start to say it, she’ll start to clap her hands.  It’s adorable. She also enjoys peek-a-boo and Where is Madelyn?  Another favorite activity of hers? Chasing the dog around and screaming in his face when she catches up to him…he just loves that…haha!  

I’m exciting to see what the month will bring us!  Maybe two top teeth?  The teething monster was at our house a few days ago and it was not pretty. 

Happy 10 months to our baby girl!  We love you more than you know.





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