Marathon Training Update

In the midst of planning multiple birthday parties (Two BIG ones a 50th & a 1st), gardening/vegetable farming, getting settled into a new house, and maintaining an inkling of a social life, there was some sort of marathon that I was supposed to be training for…and so far it’s been successful 🙂
I started training for the Chicago Marathon the week after I returned home from Guam.  And lucky for me, my first build up run (6 miles) just so happened to fall the same weekend of the Rock n Sole quarter marathon.  Since then, I’ve stayed on track with my training and despite all the other things I had going on this summer, I can say that I only missed one long run-which fell the weekend of Madelyn’s 1st Birthday.
So how have I maintained my homelife, work, sanity, etc, etc while training for 26.2 miles?  Lots of wine after those long Saturday morning runs 😉  Just kidding…kinda…not really 🙂 In all seriousness, I really could not have made it this far into my training without the awesome support system I have.  I have to especially thank my mom who has woken up numerous Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn to come stay with Madelyn while I went to my training runs and who so graciously traveled to Chicago with me to be my race day babysitter.  And of course there’s my husband.  He’s been pretty wonderful if I must say.  He has powered through working nights and instead of going to bed on Saturday morning, has stayed up with Madelyn so that I could go run.  He also gives THE BEST foot massages.  So without you guys, I don’t think this would be possible-I can’t even begin to imagine what pushing Madelyn for 15 miles in the jogging stroller would be like…shudder.  End sappiness.
Another HUGE factor in the success of my marathon training thus far has been the fact that I get an hour a day to workout while at work.  This is one of the biggest perks of my job.  On Tuesdays, I’m now up to 4 miles-so I’ll run with a co-worker first thing in the morning.  Wednesdays are a little bit longer now and this was one of my biggest hurdles (How could I possibly finish 8 miles in an hour?!).  So instead of running in the morning, I’ll leave an hour early, park at my mom’s house, run an 8 mile route and then head home with Madelyn. Problem solved.  Thursday runs are done at work (probably sometime in the afternoon) and then Friday is supposed to be a rest day, but I usually do upper body strength training & core in our gym at work.
I don’t even want to type what I want to say in my next point, for fear of jinxing myself…but things are going well.  Really well.  Not at all like in 2011 when I fell and rolled my ankle BAD the first week into training.  After that, I didn’t even bother.  I owe it to strength training with hubs at the gym and rotating through Bar Method and Physique 57 DVDs on a regular basis.  I also gave in a bought a foam roller that I use just about every night and I’ve been trying to get back into yoga.  Yoga is one of those things that I always praise how wonderful I feel after doing it and how I’m going to do it more often and then never follow through.  Maybe more yoga will be a goal of mine for September.  I’m toying around with the idea of compression socks for my longer run days and to wear for the marathon.  I’m thinking of going to a running store this week to stock up on gels, check out some shoes and talk to someone about compression socks.
Along with strength training and stretching, I’ve been eating more consciously.  When I first started marathon training and the miles were piling up, I was so hungry after my long runs I would just eat whatever.  I had just run 12 miles, I didn’t think twice about eating a burger or wings and a beer.  Well this mentality would carry into Sunday and then into Monday and finally on Tuesday when I went back to work and would run, I felt awful.  I’m really glad I figured out how important nutrition is early on in the game when it comes to training for an event of this calibur.  While I still consume wine and other adult beverages, I will usually limit myself to one glass of wine Friday night and an occaisional glass of wine here and there over the weekend.  Running while dehydrated after a night of one too many drinks is no bueno.  After the marathon is over though, I’m looking forward having some quality sister & wine time.
For those of you who have ran marathons before, what type of advice can you offer to first-timers like myself?  Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated! 5 1/2 weeks until CHICAGO!

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