Pinterest IRL: Tone that Tush

You know that Pinterest board?  The one that doesn’t involve gourmet recipes or suzy homemaker DIY crafts?  You know, the one that involves pictures of beautifully toned & tanned people with six-packs promising you workouts that will lead to the body of your dreams?  That board.  I actually did something from that board yesterday for the first time ever-and it was pretty brutal…in an awesomely good way of course.  I might just make a habit of it 🙂
Yesterday was a cardio/weights day for me.  I had planned on doing a steady/easy cardio session since I went balls to the walls at Zumba on Monday afternoon and wanted to take it easy on Tuesday.  I actually had every intention of packing running clothes to run outside during work but when I saw the temperature, I quickly changed my mind.  20 degrees with high winds?  No thanks!  It was even too cold for little Madelyn, who started saying “Brrrr!” when I picked her up from my mom’s last night…cutest thing ever.
So last night, I hopped on the treadmill at work and did the 400-calorie Tush-Toning Interval Workout courtesy of PopSugar Fitness.   As I was writing the workout down in a notebook that I could prop up on treadmill, I thought to myself, “This won’t be too bad.”  It was mostly walking but on an incline.
tushtoningworkoutA serious incline.  I definitely underestimated the power of walking at a 15% incline.  When I run on the treadmill, I normally set it to a .5-1% incline to simulate running outside, so 15% was definitely a challenge for me.  When it was over and done with I was super sweaty and my legs & butt felt pretty noodle-y.  There were times when I felt like the 7mph speed was too slow, especially toward the end when I had some energy to burn.  I ended up doing about 2.5 miles and burned closer to 300 calories rather than 400.  Overall I felt like it was a good workout and it got the job done.  I like that it was mostly walking, with a sprinkle of running, since I’m still trying to remedy some plantar fascia pain in my left foot.  I found an interval creator in the app store on my phone that I’m going to play around with and come up with my own treadmill workout to post, so stay tuned for that!
Do you have a Pinterest “Get Fit” board?  What’s the best workout you’ve pinned (and done) so far?

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