Belly Up to the Barre

Hello friends!  How’s your week going?  I’m PUMPED to be hosting my second Thanksgiving, but our first one in our new house.  I love to cook, so this is my favorite holiday ever.  AND our new house has a double oven!! So, I was on a cleaning & shopping mission today and I was successful 🙂

But before I got down to business scrubbing counters and sweeping floors, I had a very fun and interesting morning.  So a few weeks ago I mentioned that  Milwaukee would be getting its first ever barre studio.  I learned through Lululemon’s facebook page that Barre Bee Fit would be hitting the Third Ward early December.  To say I was excited to hear this news is an understatement.  Barre is by far my absolute favorite toning workout because it gives you results that you can see just after a few weeks of going to class.  It’s amazing.

Last week the owner put out a message that she was looking for people to come to a live preview class because Fox 6 news was going to be there.  I had planned on taking off of work anyway to get some Thanksgiving day errands done so I decided to add this my day as well.  I’m so glad that I did.  The space is beautiful and it was nice to get a little sampling of what to expect in the class.  I can confidently say that this will become an addiction.  I am already a big fan and like it over the Bar Method classes that I took in Chicago because it also has cardio intervals.

This couldn’t have come at a better time-with the weather being brutally cold already in Wisconsin, this will be a good alternative to doing cardio on the treadmill.  AND barre classes are excellent cross-training workouts for runners because it targets and helps strengthen all of those injury-prone areas 😉

Check out the Fox 6 Real Milwaukee footage **here**!

As a thank you for coming, the owner gave us all a pair of grippy socks, a voucher for a free class and then I bought the white tank top.  I can’t wait for their opening day which is happening December 7th!



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