Barre Bee Fit in #MKE

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Barre workouts.  I took classes at a barre studio in Chicago and when we moved up to Wisconsin, I started a collection of different DVDs…total of 6 I rotate through.

The DVDs were good, but I missed going to class and getting the best possible workout.  There’s no one there to encourage you or to push yourself harder.  And a sturdy chair with a high back doesn’t even compare to the ballet barre.

So imagine my excitement when I saw on Lululemon’s facebook page that Barre Bee Fit would be coming to the Third Ward in Milwaukee.  I ran out of the bedroom thrilled to tell my husband who was watching football in the living room.  His response: “Cool babe”.  Apparently he doesn’t share in the excitement, but he always complimented me on my legs & bootay when I went to class on a regular basis 😉

So what is this Barre Bee Fit I speak of? Barre Bee Fit is a workout that blends the ballet barre with cardio conditioning, strength training, and restoration to bring you maximum results.  Read up more about it (here).

This morning, I woke up to my favorite alarm clock telling me it was time to get up and feed her, got ready, dropped Madelyn off at my mom’s and made it to the 10am class with some time to spare.


I walked into the studio, checked in and signed the waiver agreement.  I was greeted by the owner, Betsy, and one of the Co-Founders, Ariana.  The studio definitely has a Third Ward Lofty feel.  It’s gorgeous!  Very clean, with hardwood floors and bright colors to accent the white brick walls.  They have a changing area, 2 bathrooms and a vanity area to fix yourself up after class.


Unlike The Bar Method in Chicago, Barre Bee Fit has a props station that contains different  size weights, kettle bells, straps and other fun fitness props.  There’s a board on the wall that tells you what props you will be needing for that class.

I walked into the studio where class would be held and for this first class, our props were already laid out for us.  Ari, the BBF co-founder was going to be teaching our class.  I like that she had us find our place at the barre and set our stuff down.  This was the one thing that I disliked about going to The Bar Method-after we were done with our warm-up & arms, it was always a mad dash to get a “good”/mirrored spot on the barre.  Not here, you get there early, you get a good spot 🙂   BBFstudioI talked to a girl for a few minutes who had just entered her second trimester of pregnancy.    I told her that I was able to do barre through out my whole pregnancy without zero complications.  There are moves you have to modify as your belly grows, but that’s the fun that comes along with pregnancy!

As soon as the instructor was set, she had us move more toward the center of the room for a warm up where we did a variation of cardio moves, arms/back, core and stretching.  After we were done with that, we moved up to the barre.  I completely forgot how much your legs just SHAKE at an actual class.  My legs shake during a DVD but nothing like the class.  I was also impressed with how much I remembered about posture, staying in it, and tucking!  My legs were like JELLO after the thigh segment, but I LOVED it.  The feeling of a great workout.  After thigh, we did some more cardio moves and then it was onto work that seat 🙂   After the seat work came some more ab work and then, finally, a much needed stretching segment.

This class was AMAZING!! I wanted to hug the instructor for giving us such a great workout but I resisted 🙂 This weekend BBF was offering a two-week special but I went for the new client one month special because I knew I’d want more after two weeks.  As soon as I got home, I registered for classes the next few weeks…because I’m crazy like that AND I know that this will be very popular and I don’t want to have to be wait-listed!

Below is a picture of their mantra, which hangs on the wall right outside the studio.  I LOVE it!  This is a great company 🙂


If you live in the Milwaukee area, get to a class ASAP. Your thighs and butt will thank you 🙂 If you live near a BBF, I would definitely try it out if you haven’t already.  I’ve tried two other barre studios and this one takes the cake! I’m a firm believer in mixing in cardio with strength training for a more effective workout.


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