Sunday Night Photo Dump

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone had a terrific weekend.  It never seems long enough.  Here are some photos from this week…

#Bookclub.   Someone at work recommended this and it’s a great book!  I highly recommend it to all women and moms. 


#Hurtssogood.  Foam rolling is back in my life.  My legs are thanking me.   


Thai Food fortune cookie.  Time will tell how true this is. fortune

#Ontherun. My view from this weekend’s 11 miler training run. lighthouse

Home grown.  Zucchini bread and pickles are in my future. 


We spent the weekend at MKE Brew Fest, Brady Street Fest and helping my sister move.  It was a great weekend, but as always, it went by so quickly!!  I’m looking forward to the week, The Bacon Run and celebrating my cousin’s last single night out next weekend 🙂  


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