Week 10 CM Training Recap

Happy Wednesday! We’re half-way through the week and HALFWAY THROUGH MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!!!!! I’m excited and scared all at the same time.  October 12th can’t get here fast enough.  So far, my training has been going okay.  I’m trying my hardest to get my longer runs done with a local running group.  On days when I have Saturday plans and can’t make the build up runs, I do my long runs on Fridays after work, which can be very challenging.  But I’m powering through, foam rolling through the pain all with a smile on my face 🙂 Here’s a little Recap of Week 10 Chicago marathon training:

Monday-Madelyn had surgery. She had her adenoids removed. Runny nose gone. I took off of work for two days which really wasn’t needed because my child is the most resilient little girl I’ve ever met. mannie
Headed to the gym(!!) where I did a little rowing action, weights, core work and finished up with a little workout on the spin bike.
Tuesday-Ran 4.15 miles @9:11 pace
Wednesday-Run 7 miles @9:31 pace. The weather was hot & sticky. But I stumbled across a new hiding place-somewhere I can go to think about things or just “be”. It was beautiful and so peaceful. I’m thinking of taking up trail running after the marathon is over.
mysanctuaryThursday-Run 4 miles @9:14 pace. Legs were tired and heavy. I struggled to keep up with my co-worker, Jen. She pushed me hard the last 1/2 mile.
Friday-Rest Day/Stretch. Didn’t stretch nearly enough. Instead, ate pizza, drank wine, and found comfort in my mother’s word’s of wisdom 🙂
Saturday-My goal was 14-16. I Ran 12 @ 9:46 pace. It was tough. All I wanted to do was sleep (I ran on 4 hours of sleep), but I forced myself to get out there knowing it would make me feel a little better. I never regret a run no matter how good or bad it is. It was sunny, hot, and I forgot my GU. I’m lucky I made it 12 miles. Later that day my child locked me out of the house…icing on the cake.
Sunday-Rest day. We celebrated Madelyn’s birthday. I cannot believe that she’s two. It seems like it was only yesterday that she was making her debut into this crazy world.

Are you training for anything? If so, how’s your training going? Any other Chicago Marathoners out there?


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