Look Who’s Two!

On Sunday we celebrated Madelyn’s 2nd Birthday.  I can’t believe how quickly these past two years have gone by.  It makes me kind of sad that she is no longer the small, squishy, cuddly baby we brought home from the hospital. 
IMG_1049Although I miss the days of just rocking with her pressed up against my chest, it brings me joy to watch her grow, learn and explore the world around her.

IMG_2553We kept the second birthday pretty small and casual-just family. Madelyn’s the only everything (grandchild, niece, great niece) so everyone definitely went above and beyond with gifts this year. Amongst the favorites the cozy coupe from Grandma & Grandpa C and the swingset from Grandma G. She cried yesterday when I told her we had to go inside to eat dinner.  
Larry grilled up some burgers & beer soaked brats and I bought some side salads from Costco along with a cake and cupcakes from Whole Foods. It was the easiest clean up from a party I’ve ever had. The weather was also so nice that everyone pretty much hungout in the backyard.
IMG_2657What’s new with Madelyn?
-Crayons & coloring. Not always on paper but not yet on walls. I have a distressed table in our living room and she’s taken it upon herself to add to the “distressed” look.
-Singing. ABCs, songs from Frozen, Happy Birthday & Old McDonald are some of her top favorites
-Along with singing comes dancing. Girl can bust a move.
-Elmo & Dora. She will maybe sit for a few minutes of it, but she’d rather play than watch TV and I’m more than ok with that.
-Ice Cream.
-Grabbing stuff and saying “mine!”  :-/
-Giving hugs. Oh the hugs. When I’m changing her clothes, she’ll grab my shirt and pull me in for a nice big hug. Melt my heart.
-Raw vegetables
-Holding hands in parking lots
-Riding in the cart at the store. She’d much rather be walking around
-Sitting nice on the couch. She seems to think couch=trampoline.
Every day she is learning or doing something new. She’s a reminder that sometimes I need to just slow down and take it all in before I miss something. Happy two years of life liltte peanut, we love you very much!

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