A Weekend At Devil’s Lake

This past weekend we took our first family camping trip.   On Saturday morning, we packed up our car and headed to Devil’s Lake for a weekend of tent camping, hiking, and beach fun. On our way up, we made a little pit stop.

IMG_2696Wollersheim is one of my favorite wineries around. As many times as I’ve been to this place, I have yet to take a tour (on our Fall to-do list!)-I’ve only enjoyed the tastings. They offer a free tasting and then you can choose to upgrade to either a white wine tasting or red wine tasting for $3 bucks if you choose. We did our tastings: I chose white and hubs chose red & we shared 🙂 Madelyn was behaving exceptionally well-I think the homemade grape juice and crayons were keeping her occupied.IMG_2716After our tasting, we took a little walk around the grounds, explored the cave, and then sat and enjoyed some wine, cheese, and summer sausage (only in Wisconsin).
 IMG_2717When our time at Wollersheim was up, we headed up to Devil’s Lake to set up camp. It was quite the challenge trying to help hubs with the tent while trying to entertain Madelyn. Enter Goldfish crackers for the win.
IMG_2723That first day camping with a toddler was a little trying. It definitely wasn’t the relaxing camping trips we were used to. We brought stuff for her to do, but she wanted to help build fires and climb on things instead. By the end of the evening, I looked over at hubs and half-jokingly said, “Do you want to go home tomorrow?” Things got a little better once we settled down to roast marshmallows and had Madelyn eat her first s’more.
IMG_2758On Sunday, our teeny, tiny alarm clock woke us up at 6am. Hubs got the campfire going and I cooked breakfast over the fire. I premade an egg scramble at home on Friday night: eggs, spinach, mushrooms, bacon, goat cheese and milk. It worked out perfectly and tasted really good. 
IMG_2767After we were done eating and cleaning up, we ventured down to Devil’s Lake beach area and did a hike around the lake. I carried this not so little bundle on my back for the entire 4 mile hike. 
IMG_2772The terrain on this particular trail is pretty easy. There were a few spots where I had to brace myself and climb up a little, but we made it. Madelyn passed out about half-way through and then woke up about 20 minutes later. We ended our hike at the beach, ate some lunch and played in the sand and water for awhile. Later, we came back to our campsite, took showers and ate an early dinner. To avoid a repeat of antsy toddler syndrome, we headed into “The Dells” and walked around, saw some funny t-shirts, and ate ice cream cones. For the last year Madelyn has been dairy-free. Turns out the issue was actually her adenoids, so we started slowly introducing dairy back into her diet. So far so good and this past weekend she experienced her first ice cream cone. Strawberry for the win.   
IMG_2789On Monday morning we woke up a little later (6:30ish) to a yellow sky, tall blowing trees, and a torrential downpour. My first initial thought is we have to get the hell out of here! I drove Madelyn to the bathroom to change her and get her cleaned up while Larry started gather our belongings up. When I returned, I left Madelyn in the car while I tried to help Larry get stuff together. The rain was coming down even harder and the wind was picking up. I was a nervous wreck and wasn’t much help at all because all I could think about is a tree falling on our car with Madelyn in it. It was like he read my mind as that thought came into my head because a few seconds later he suggested we just leave everything, head into the dells for breakfast and come back when the weather lets up. So we headed to Paul Bunyon’s (in our pajamas) and ate a delicious breakfast of homemade donuts, coffee, eggs and sausage. It definitely hit the spot! I’m so glad we left when we did because on our way into town we saw trees and powerlines down. The storm was pretty bad. It let up a little bit by the time we got back, but we had to put everything away in the rain. Our tent is set up in our backyard drying out as we speak. Overall, it was a great trip and it was nice to create memories and start traditions with Madelyn. We’re soaking up every last bit of summer we can over here!   
The Friday before we left, I went on what was apparently a super-sweaty run. Just a quick 4 miles (the heat and humidity got the best of me) and when I looked down at my phone the colors were all distorted. I took it out of my armband case and the screen went blank. I turned it off, took the cover off and removed the battery. I tried the phone in rice trick and by Saturday morning, my screen was on but the touchscreen part of it was not working. The vacation gods forced me to unplug for the weekend (with the exception of 1 Instagram pic) which I am thankful for-it forced me to use our fancy camera. I’m not happy about having to pay for a brand-new phone (we canceled phone insurance a few months ago) but I am happy to have my iPhone back. The galaxy is a good phone but it just wasn’t for me. I also purchased a Lifeproof waterproof case to go with it, you know for all those extra-sweaty runs! 😉
I’ll be back tomorrow with a healthy, camp-friendly meal!!
How are you enjoying these last few days of summer? BBQs, baseball games and weddings over here this weekend! 

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