Knock-off Salad

Friday never looked better. Things have been crazy over here this week, as we’re adjusting to new work/life schedules only to be totally spoiled over the weekend and having to adjust again come Tuesday morning. It’s a vicious circle, I know. This little face definitely makes the long days worthwhile.
Earlier this week I had a craving for pizza. Lucky for me, hubs picked us up some frozen Lou Malnati’s pizza when he was in Chicago last and we still had one left in our freezer (which I completely forgot about-always the best).
Besides a big glass of red wine, the sweet taste of the Malnati salad always pairs well our pizza. Since we didn’t have a salad from Lou’s, I attempted to re-create it from memory and cross my fingers. The kitchen gods were watching over me because it was right on point. Larry even said he couldn’t taste a difference between mine and the restaurant’s.
IMG_3558The only thing that I could’ve done better was maybe look up the actually ingredients on their website 😉 I used blue cheese instead of gorgonzola and bacon instead of salami. I could pick out the blue cheese mistake right away, but I had no idea they used salami, I always thought it was bacon.
Ingredients for the salad:
Romaine lettuce
Fresh Mushrooms
Salami (pan fried)
Gorgonzola cheese crumbles
Since the dressing is heavy with sugar (it’s a sweet vinaigrette), I substituted coconut sugar for regular white table sugar. Some of the health benefits of coconut sugar are lower glycemic rate (doesn’t raise blood sugar levels quickly), lower amounts of fructose, and contains some traces of vitamins.
-1/3 C extra-virgin olive oil
-6 tbsp. white wine vinegar
-4 tbsp. sugar
-2 tsp Italian seasoning
-1 tsp garlic powder
-1/2 salt
Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl and pour over each individual serving of salad. There’s nothing worse than making a salad soggy and throwing it away.
One thing I will never attempt to re-create? Chicago-style pizza…it’s in a category all its own.
What’s your favorite restaurant salad? Any success making it at home?
Enjoy your Friday & your weekend! I know I will!
What’s your favorite restaurant salad? Any success making it at home?
Enjoy your Friday & your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Knock-off Salad

  1. Jamie May 15, 2015 / 8:55 am

    I feel like I can try time and time again and no matter what, salads I make will never be as delicious as salads someone else makes haha. And I think it would be impossible to recreate Lou Malnati’s pizza… the best kind of Chicago deep dish around!!


    • Maria C May 15, 2015 / 9:41 pm

      I agree! The best I’ve ever had. My husband swears there’s somewhere else that makes it better. He said the owner actually got start at Lou Malnati’s. The husband is a pizza connoisseur 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mini Me Wannabe May 15, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    Haha. That pizza looks delicious! You should recreate THAT and share it! 🙂


    • Maria C May 15, 2015 / 9:42 pm

      I honestly would LOVE to try but I know I will be disappointed. I actually talked about it over dinner and my husband said that you need a special pan and that it needs to be seasoned, so used over and over again. It’s a special treat when we visit the windy city. I think I’ll leave it alone 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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