About Me

Hello and welcome to Real Foodie Runner! My name is Maria and I enjoy running, barre, & all things fitness. I blog about food, running, training, fitness, family and anything else that pops into my head.


I’m married to a pretty great guy…


In August 2012, I became a mom to a spunky, energetic, and smart little girl. Madelyn  continues to keep me on my toes.

pro sprints

In early November 2015, our family of three grew to a family of four and we welcomed Isla into our lives. Our family couldn’t be more perfect with these two little girls in our lives.


Besides running & my family, I also love to cook…and EAT! While I love my sweets and enjoy treating myself every now and then, I’ve learned over the years that my body does best on a mostly paleo-ish diet, which I refer to as a lifestyle. Most of the recipes I post are free of dairy & gluten. But occasionally, when life calls for it (like grandma’s 75th b-day), it sneaks in. It’s all about balance.


I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments or just to say hi at realfoodierunner@gmail.com