Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m not really sure how, but Mother’s Day really snuck up on me this year!  This is a very special Mother’s day for me since it will be my first one (physically) with Madelyn.  Last year, I was deployed and my sister did an awesome job making up for the fact that I was spending my first mother’s day away from my little peanut.

tdy1We don’t have any set plans yet this year.  Probably hanging out at my mom’s, doing the brunch thing.  But no matter what, I will be with my girl and that’s all that matters.

So what does one get that special lady in their life?  I’ve come up with some last minute gift ideas, if you’re like me and waited until the last minute 😉 Sorry mom…your gift will be wonderful I promise!

Mothers Day Gift Guide-Cooking

For Moms who Like to Cook

  1. Cook Smarts Subscription.  I’ve been using Cook Smarts now on and off for over a month now.  {Full review is coming!}  What I love most about this meal planning service, is that you have the option to make all (or some) of your meals paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Along with the recipes, you get your shopping list for the week-a bonus time saver 🙂
  2. Spiralizer.  I’m against buying kitchen gadgets for someone unless it’s asked for, but our spiralizer gets used WEEKLY!!  I use it to make zucchini pasta and sweet potato fries.  It’s a fun little toy and it’s a good way to get the kiddos to eat their veggies.
  3. A gift certificate to a local cooking class.
  4. Subscription to a cooking magazine.  Every year my grandma gifts with a renewal to Taste of Home.  I love it because it’s not something I’d normally do for myself.

new mamas gift guideGifts for the New Mama or Mama to Be

  1. A personalized necklace. I love this one from Etsy because you can add to it as your family expands.  You probably won’t get it in time for Mother’s Day, but it is a very nice gesture 🙂
  2. Cute flats.  For the mom who thinks she has to give up wearing cute shoes during pregnancy.
  3. Your time.  Giving a new mom, or mom to be (especially with another little one at home) the gift of time is wonderful.  Offer to babysit so that she can get out of the house and do whatever her heart desires or if she just wants to go in her room and take a nap uninterrupted.  It will be the most thoughtful gift you can give 🙂 

spa and beauty mothers day gift guideSomething for the Mama who Likes to Primp

  1. A subscription to Birchbox.  For the moms who enjoy product samples and trying new beauty products.  I’ve been subscribing to Birchbox for about 3 months now and I’ve been really happy with all my samples so far.  I’ve tried a lot of new products and have bought a few full-size products.
  2. Nail Polish.  I typically like to make themed gifts and would add the nail polish in with some nail files or a clear coat polish or two.  
  3. A gift certificate for a Mani/Pedi.  You can never go wrong with this as a gift…no matter who your mother is 🙂

For Mos who Like to Sweat


  1. Subscription to a fitness magazine.  You can find a magazine for just about any sport.  From running, to biking and yoga.
  2. A gift card to a fitness apparel store.  Shopping at higher end athletic stores, like Lululemon and Athleta are always a special treat and one that’s appreciated by mom’s who like to workout.
  3. A class pack or gift card to their favorite workout studio.
  4. An activity tracker.  If I could go back in time, (I would’ve never lost my fitbit!) I would’ve chosen a Garmin Vivo.  It has everything I could ever ask for in an activity tracker, including the option to track your heart rate during exercise activities.

Any plans for Mother’s Day?  What are you gifting your mom with this year? 



Birchbox Review

Happy Tuesday friends!  I didn’t do a food/fitness plan for this week because I’m suffering from strep throat, so there has been a lot of tea, soup {and maybe some ice cream} in my meals the past 24 hours.  I’m hoping this antibiotics kick in soon and I’ll be good as new 🙂

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Birchbox and last week I received my first box.  I’m so glad I signed up because I discovered some new products that I absolutely LOVE!


So what is Birchbox?  It’s a subscription box delivery service that sends you 4 samples of different beauty products plus one “lifestyle” product to try out.  I heard about it through a friend and decided to try it out.  It’s $10 a month and you can cancel at anytime.  With each box, you earn 10 points.  After you have earned 100 points, that gives you $10 credit to spend on  You also earn points on other products you purchase.  Along with each box, comes a card which lets you know which each product is, how much a full-size version costs, and how to use it properly.

Here’s a look at February’s Box:


1. Agavehealing oil treatment. LOVED this stuff! I used it on my hair last night after the shower and my hair was very soft the next morning.  It also smells amazing!

2. Benefit CosmeticsIt’s potent! eye cream. As I’m nearing 30, I’m a sucker for eye cream and anti-aging products.  Confession:  I’ve been using eye cream since I was in my early twenties (for preventative measures) and this so far has been the one I’m most happy with.  It’s very creamy and it also helps eliminate those dark circles under your eyes.  A little goes a long way and I will definitely be purchasing a full-size version very soon.

3. OPISheer tints in Be Magentele with Me.  This is the first time I’ve seen/used sheer nail polish.  I thought it gave my nails a nice, but very natural look.  Perfect for work since “loud” nail polish is not allowed, but not something I’d normally wear…I like color!

4. Mox BotanicalsBath Milks.  Since the only baths I’m partial to are ice baths after a long training run, I have yet to try this product out.  Showers are more my thing, but maybe I’ll have to make time for a nice relaxing bath in the near future.

Lifestyle Extra: ReviverDry Deodorant Swipes for Clothes.  It is said to whisk away odors on contact.  I will be trying this out one day after a sweaty gym session.

Overall, I’m really happy this month’s Birchbox.  I was a little nervous after reading some customer reviews but so far, I am a satisfied customer.

One thing I’m still kind of up in the air about is the price.  Should I really be spending $10 a month on samples when I live a very short distance away from Sephora and LUSH?  I was there the other day buying some make up and a face mask and I came home with these samples:

ilovesamplesTory Burch perfume sample, Dr Brandt Dark Spots treament, Imperialis moisturizer, 2 cleansers (one I loved, the other I threw away after the first use) and a Laura mercier bronzer.  Yes, I got all these lovely samples, but it didn’t come for free…far from it. I don’t think I could go into Sephora, spend $10 and come out with 4 samples of anything.  LUSH…maybe, they’re a lot more willing to help you.

I love samples and I love discovering new beauty products.  What I love most about Birchbox is that there are no pushy sales people, I don’t feel obligated to buy anything and it gets sent to my house.  So for now, I think I’ll stick with it.

Do you do mail subscription boxes? I would LOVE to sign up for Stitch Fix, but I can’t justify it when I wear a uniform every day.