Fun Photo Friday-The Littlest Packer Fan

Last night in our house it was definitely the girls versus boy.  Despite how wonderful my husband is, his one major fault is that he’s a Chicago Bears’ fan.  We always have fun bantering back and forth about whose team is going to win.  When we found out we were pregnant, we went back and forth over what team our little one would cheer for.  I obviously won that argument 🙂

When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago, hubs had to leave for a little bit to go to his fantasy football draft party.  When he returned, he came back with the cutest Packer cheerleader outfit from some of our friends.  It looked so big for her, I thought for sure we’d have to wait until later in football season for her to fit into it but I put it on her and it fit perfectly.

So far, the Packers are off to a winning start against the Bears.  I’m just happy that I’m setting her up for success and not disappointment…

Happy Friday!


Fun Photo Friday-a collage of pics

Happy Friday! Is it me or did having a holiday in the middle of the week (and then having to return to work) make the week seem longer? I swear it felt like the beginning of the week yesterday. So nice to see you weekend 🙂 Anyone have any fun plans? Tonight, I’m doing dinner with my mom & sis. Tomorrow, hubs and I are going to Summerfest-the world’s largest music festival held at the lakefront in Milwaukee. It’s been a few years since we’ve gone, so I’m looking forward to it.

It’s also been a few weeks since I’ve done a fun photo Friday post. Instead of just focusing on one picture, I decided to put a few together into a fun little collage.20120706-124351.jpg

The first picture at the top left corner is of my friend and me. She’s expecting a baby girl in the middle of September, so we are only a few weeks apart. It’s been fun having someone so close to you going through the same things as you. It’s also been helpful to call her up and say, “This is happening to me. You too? Ok good it must be normal!” apparently Motherhood Maternity must only have one cute bathing suit because she showed up at my house on wednesday with the same exact swim suit as me. This was not planned and she even bought hers online while I got mine in the store. Great minds DO think alike 🙂

The second picture is of some pre-anniversary dinner snackage. LC and I spent some time at the pool, came back and had some snacks while he filled us up two delicious steaks and asparagus. The only thing I was responsible for was the baked sweet potato and snacks. We got the spreadable cheese from door county. It’s cheddar with port wine and cherry…very good! The strawberries were left behind from my mom who stayed at our place to watch Oliver.

The beautiful sunset picture was taken on our last night in Door County. We ate a restaurant by the water and this was our view. It was breathtaking. Hubs said he could retire up there…definitely a change of pace from Chicago, which is where he was planning a few months ago 😉

The big salad at the bottom was taken at today’s lunch. Some of the girls and I went out to lunch today at Sven’s Cafe in Bayview. This was my first time here and I loved it! Any lunch place that offers gluten free bread options is a friend of mine. My salad had goat cheese, walnuts, tomatoes, grilled chicken, craisins, and grapes. Perfect summertime lunch.

So far, this year’s summer has been pretty great. We’ve been pretty busy but it’s all been so fun. It’s flying by though which makes me realize that baby will be here before we know it…the perfect ending to our summer 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!

Fun Photo Friday-what’s Meant to Be will Be


I was catching up with a friend on Monday, filling her in on my life and everything that’s happened the past few months, the leap of faith we took by moving to WI and whatnot. She says to me “Wow everything just worked out and fell into place for you guys all at the right time.” I’ve spent many hours stressing about jobs and moving and she’s right: everything worked out perfectly and there was no need to stress or worry. Sometimes we need to just let go and let live.

When I first moved to Chicago I had a picture in my head of how my life would go. Today, my life doesn’t come close to what I had pictured and planned in my head 5 years ago but I couldn’t be happier. I have a job that I love, a wonderful husband and a (so far) healthy baby on the way. My heart is truly full.

Fun Photo Friday-2 years Ago This Weekend

ImageWe were in Chicago, Grant Park to be exact, posing for our engagement pictures.  Our photographer was located in Milwaukee and she agreed to come down to Chicago for our e-pic session.  Since our wedding was going to be in Wisconsin, where I grew up, I only found it fair to have our engagement pictures taken in Chicago, where LC grew up.
The day was very hot and sunny.  There was one point where she just couldn’t get any good pictures because there was not a cloud in the sky, so she went and did some things & LC and I went out for brunch and met back up with her in the afternoon.  We were beyond pleased with how our photos turned out.
This Sunday, we will be taking our maternity pictures with the same photographer, Olga Thomas.  Words alone cannot express the work that this woman does.  She is a true artist with amazing talent.  Our wedding pictures turned out phenomenally and every time I look at them I feel happy inside and am immediately brought back to how I felt on that day.  It’s exactly the way a good picture should be 🙂   This year’s weather forecast looks just about the same: a high in the 80s and mostly sunny.  We’re taking them later in the day this year and I’m praying for some cloud coverage.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out and to share some of them with you 🙂

Fun photo Friday-Fitness Motivation

Happy Friday!  I decided that I wanted to start a Fun photo Friday project on my blog.  Every Friday, I’m going to post either a picturesthat I found via the web (like the one below) or a picture that I took and write a bit about it. 

I came across this one on Facebook.  I think it’s important to remember when setting fitness/weight loss goals for yourself to aim for “healthy & fit” and not just “skinny” because being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone and it doesn’t always translate to healthy.  I thought this was a good reminder 🙂  20120518-105155.jpg