Escape Artist & My First 5k of the Year

Is it me, or is this week just flying by? Maybe it’s the fact that today is my last day of work for the week. I wish I had something super fun planned on Friday for Madelyn and myself but I will be finishing up some painting in her new big girl room while she plays with her friends at daycare.

Confession time: She will be 3 in August and she still sleeps in her crib. We haven’t really had a real reason to move her out of it and she goes to sleep so well, that we didn’t want to mess it up. The girl will tell us when she’s tired and say, “Bed, I wanna lay down.” I’m nervous that will all change when we put her into the twin bed we bought at Ikea. We have had a few escape attempts, but none have been successful.

When your kids are too cute to reprimand…

Yesterday was Earth Day. I so badly wanted to do a run outside, but that wind. And the fact that I saw snow falling from the sky. I decided it was best to take it indoors and so I settle for a little work place treadmill action.


3 miles in 34 minutes. The treadmill was a little rough today. I did a 5k this weekend while pushing Madelyn in the same amount of time. Something about that fresh air & a little girl shouting “Faster Mommy!” gets the legs running a little quicker.

Speaking of stroller runs, I signed up for my first official “race” of the year. I will be pushing Madelyn along the shores of Lake Michigan on Mother’s Day at the Run Like a Mother Race. I wanted to do this one last year, but for some reason, it didn’t work out. Fingers crossed for good weather.


Stroller moms out there, do you like running races while pushing the stroller? Any tips or advice?

Parents: best way to keep your kids from walking out of their “big kid” beds? I’m waiting for the day that I wake up and this tiny person is staring at me in my sleep…


Look Who’s Two!

On Sunday we celebrated Madelyn’s 2nd Birthday.  I can’t believe how quickly these past two years have gone by.  It makes me kind of sad that she is no longer the small, squishy, cuddly baby we brought home from the hospital. 
IMG_1049Although I miss the days of just rocking with her pressed up against my chest, it brings me joy to watch her grow, learn and explore the world around her.

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Week 10 CM Training Recap

Happy Wednesday! We’re half-way through the week and HALFWAY THROUGH MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!!!!! I’m excited and scared all at the same time.  October 12th can’t get here fast enough.  So far, my training has been going okay.  I’m trying my hardest to get my longer runs done with a local running group.  On days when I have Saturday plans and can’t make the build up runs, I do my long runs on Fridays after work, which can be very challenging.  But I’m powering through, foam rolling through the pain all with a smile on my face 🙂 Here’s a little Recap of Week 10 Chicago marathon training:

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Lil’ Champ + Erin Condren Giveaway Winner

Hey guys! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  Ours was very good, but first things first.  We have a winner for the Erin Condren $25 gift card.  Lucky #6:


Which is CLopez84, who says: I make lists per day and cross them off as I do them, I also sometimes add them to my inotes. Also, I do grocery shopping with preset recipes in my mind so I can meal prep and no food goes to waste.

Congrats! And please send me your information at

Our weekend was a good one.  Went to Barre Bee Fit and tried out a new class: barre-dio interval.  What a workout!


I’ve now tried all three classes that the Milwaukee studio offers (barre bee, Interval Barre, and Barre-dio Interval) and I can’t really decided which one is my favorite. I’ve loved them all and have yet to take a “bad” class here.  The instructors have been wonderful and the workouts have been extremely effective.  I leave class with weak muscles and a “good sore”.  Next week I’m scheduled for my first back to back class: Barre-dio interval followed by barre…I hope that I don’t die!

Besides working out, we celebrated my BFF’s daughter’s first birthday and took Madelyn to see Santa and to get some baby bling:

babyblingShe was a champ for both!  No tears for Santa (more like, “who is this man??”) and very little tears for her ears.  The key to that was having a cookie on hand to give her.  She maybe cried for 10 seconds.  I wasn’t too worried since she handles shots like a champ.  High pain tolerance like her mama 🙂 I have been debating for a very long time whether or not to pierce her ears as a baby or wait until she’s old enough to decided.  Her ears were just so cute the way they were, I didn’t want to “damage” them.  Now that I finally bit the bullet and just went with it, I’m glad that I did.  She looks adorable in her little studs.

Here’s what’s on the menu & workout schedule for this week:

Monday: Barre + treadmill workout.  This Turkey Chili

Tuesday: Weights at the gym/Salmon with sweet potatoes & kale

Wednesday: Treadmill run + Barre.  Leftover Chicken Noodle soup.

Thursday: 1.5 mile run timed (PT test prep!) Dinner is tentative. Going to a Gluten-free cookie exchange.

Friday: Rest Day. Eat out/Dine in 🙂

What’s on the menu for you this week? Any fun work outs or cookie exchanges?

Weekend Catch Up 10/28

Hi friends!  I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know we sure did!  We were super busy with lots of family stuff in Chicago on Saturday.  Back in August, at Madelyn’s birthday party, my SIL asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I gladly accepted the offer and on Saturday we set out to look for some dresses.  After trying on a few dresses, we found one that looked great on all of us.


This one was my favorite of all the dresses we tried on.  It’s the perfect material for a June wedding, it looked great on everyone, and it was very comfortable.  I can’t wait to see them in the actual color that the bride to be picked out!

We also celebrated Grandma Rita’s 90th birthday in Chicago.  I’m amazed at Larry’s Grandma: not only does she still live by herself, but the woman drives and loves going to the casino 🙂  She’s quite the little ball of fire!

On Sunday, we took the babes and walked around the mall for a little bit.  I had some birthday money I wanted to spend and I also wanted to check out Williams-Sonoma to get a head start on my Thanksgiving Day prep:


I used this last year when I made my first Thanksgiving turkey and it went over very well.  So, I’ll be using this again this year and in the future, until I get brave enough to venture out and try something new 😉

After the mall, I came home and got ready for a baby shower for a girl at work.  I was going to bring my little miss, but she was passed out on the ride home from the mall and didn’t even blink an eye when I took her out of her carseat and into her crib.

Speaking of Madelyn…this past week I bought her her first pair of boots!  She didn’t know what to make of them at first and had a hard time figuring out how to walk in them.  By the time I picked her up on Friday, she was walking all over in those things.


I die over the cuteness 🙂

Today, I finally made it out to my garden to plant some garlic.  I hope I didn’t wait too long.  The weather is supposed to be decent this week-nothing below freezing.  Instead of planting 100 heads of garlic, like the previous owners did, I opted for 40 heads.  I think that should be sufficient.


I’m really excited about gardening in 2014.  I’ll definitely have more time to plan out what I want to plant back there.  We are also in the process of transitioning half of our garden space back into the backyard.  After assessing how much of it we used this past summer, we decided that 6 raised garden beds is just too much for us.  If it was our only hobby, then maybe.  And we’d like Madelyn to have a bigger yard area to play in than what we have now.  Removing 3 of the beds would open up a ton of space and give us back a good chunk of our yard.

P.S. Does anyone have tips for growing beets?  I planted a TON of those tiny seeds in July and I only got TWO beets!  I don’t know if I planted them too late in the season or what, but it was very frustrating given how much time I spent doing it.  The two beets that I did harvest ended up in a juice this past weekend.  Apple, beet and ginger.  YUM!


ImageLast Saturday (the 17th), we celebrated Madelyn’s 1 year birthday with family, friends and lots of food.  Instead of trying to manuver Madelyn to sit still and smile with the 12 month sticker, we decided to have one year pictures taken with an old friend of mine from high school who has started her own photography business.  We were really happy with how they turned out and I’m looking forward to having her take our family pictures in the future.  It’s nice to take professional pictures with someone you know on a personal level and are really comfortable with.
moschultzSo, we have a one year old.  Every stage that we’ve gone through with her has had its likes and dislikes, but regardless of what stage we’re in, it’s been amazing and so much fun watching her grow and discover the world around her.
Sleep.  We’re back to waking up a little later on the weekends (between 6-7am) and naps are becoming more consistent and routine so we plan our days around that-I have become that mom.  However, if we have something planned, like a playdate at the pool, and it’s during her naptime, I’ll wake her up, put her in the car and away we go.
Eat.  Within the month we have gone from whole milk to organic soy milk.  At her 1 year appointment her doctor recommended that we try no dairy for a month because she’s always had congestion in her nose.  We are hoping it’s no dairy so that we can avoid tubes, surgery or whatever else.  On Friday, I gave her her last bottle feeding.  We were in the process of weaning her off, but the doctor said to just cut it out all together for fluid in the ear reasons.  Monday night she cried for about 30 minutes on and off (torture for everyone involved) so I was nervous about daycare on Tuesday, but they said she went down for a nap with no problems.  Last night, we did bath, jammys and bedtime routine and she went down with no problems.  She’s eating all table foods and so far we haven’t had any problems with her not liking something.  We’ve been avoiding peanut butter up until this point, but I think we might try it out this weekend.  I’m a little nervous :-/
Play.  We are still walking with assistance over here.  She has gone from holding both of our hands, to walking with just holding one hand.  She got a few push toys for her birthday, so hopefully that will help her gain some confidence to go it alone.  She will notice that she’s standing on her own, get nervous and sit down.  I’m happy to say that she is starting to imitate sounds that I make.  I was starting to get nervous that all she was going to do was scream 🙂  She can now clearly say and identify, “Daddy”, “Duck”, “Hi”, and “Uh-Oh.”  When she imititates me saying “Uh-Oh”, she adds an extra “oh” at the end and she ends up saying “Uh-oh oh” kind of like she’s trying to sing Beyonce’s “Single ladies” 🙂 Very cute.  Today, she threw her first little tantrum in the car.  She was drinking water from her sippy cup and she let out a huge scream and threw it to the other side of the backseat and continued to arch her back and let out a few more screams.  Instead of turning around to see what was going on, I just kept driving and paid her zero attention.  I’m hoping she realizes that this sort of behavior will get her nowhere.
Now that we’ve reached the one year mark, I think the monthly Madelyn updates will come to an end and I’ll post toddler things as they come up.  I can’t get over how quickly time has gone and like I said with my pregnancy updates, I’m glad I have these posts to reference back to one day.
I’ll be back later to talk about the details on her birthday party including some DIY projects.

Zoom Zoom!

This past Saturday, I logged half-marathon numero 4 in the books.  After running this race, I’d say I’m right on track for my full in October.  I felt great afterward-like I could’ve kept going and not at all like I was going to die (a feeling I have experienced before).  I also earned my personal best, finishing the race in 2:10 exactly-a whopping 15 minutes off of my previous best 1/2 marathon training time.  I rock.
I’ve had my sights set on Zooma Chicago for a few months.  I had hesitations about it because it fell on the weekend before Madelyn’s birthday (lots of DIY projects in the works), and I felt like I should be getting stuff ready for her party.  But alas, I decided to go for it-could I really pass up a race that offered bubbly libations at the finish line? I think not.  So I packed up the babes and headed down to the Windy City with Madelyn & my mom-my race day babysitter.
We arrived at our hotel around 3:30pm, checked in, strapped Madelyn into the BOB and headed over to pick up my race packet at the new and beautiful Langham Hotel.  The race “swag” was one of the best ones I’ve ever received.  In the bag was a stainless steel water bottle, a dry-fit shirt that fit wonderfully, and a yoga mat.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race expo.  I think because the race was located in a big city, I was expecting a bigger expo/race and it was not the case.  BUT I was really happy with the intimacy of this expo because I got to meet and talk with Dimity McDowell, co-author of Train Like a Mother & Run Like a Mother and Maryellen Carbonneau, founder of Fellow Flowers.
 After the expo, we continued on our walk until we stumbled upon Rosebud Italian restaurant, where Madelyn and I feasted on spaghetti & meatballs and this mama enjoyed a much needed glass of wine…long gone are the days where baby girl would just sit in her carseat and peacefully sleep.  We enjoy taking her to restaurants, but I was reminded on Friday why we take her to noisy establishments rather than ones that are a little fancier and quieter.
The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed down to Montrose Harbor which was where the race was being held.  In all my years of living in Chicago, I have never been to this harbor or beach.  I usually ran Belmont Harbor and south.  I was happy that the race started right on time and I crossed the start line at exactly 7:01 am (another plus to smaller-ish races).  There were about 1,000 or so participants and the begining, like any other race, started out a little congested.  The race had two distance components: a 10k and a half marathon and we all started out running together.  It wasn’t until the two distances split off where I started to feel a little more relaxed and less like I was in a “race”.
The course was much different than any other Chicago race I’ve ever done.  Normally, the streets are blocked off and there are tons of people cheering you on, but on Saturday I ran along the lakefront path with recreational runners and I LOVED it much more than I thought I was going to.  I’ve never been a fan of smaller races in small towns, but it was an awesome feeling to run a smaller race in a big city with beautiful lake views.  When we ran past Belmont Harbor, I was brought back to the time I went of my first run along the lake path in Chicago.  I was new to the city and Larry had just left for Afghanistan.  It was nice to be back to where my love of running all started.  I felt relaxed the rest of the race and kept about a 9:50 pace.  Toward the end, my legs started to get a little weak and I walked for a few minutes.  I reminded myself that I was only halfway through my marathon training and I didn’t want to push it and hurt myself.  When I saw the finish line, I sprinted it in for a time of 2:10.  My fasted 1/2 marathon time to date…not too shabby for someone who was very pregnant a year ago.
 I think I’ve discussed this before, but since having Madelyn I have gotten quite a bit faster.  I’m not sure if it’s because I worked out through my pregnancy with all the extra weight or if it’s the fact that I know in my head that I don’t have all day to do this.  Either way, I’m very happy with my increased speed and it’s something I do want to keep working toward improving.
My main motivation to finish 🙂 She was passed out when I crossed the finish line, but she woke up and celebrated with me shortly after.

11 Months-Teetering Along

Late to the monthy update party yet again.  To say we’ve been busy in the corner of this universe would be an understatement.  Between being back to work, marathon training, gardening, planning birthday parties, and enjoying our summer I’m left with very little time for anything else.  We’re coming up on our last month of her being considered a “baby” in just a few short weeks, we’ll have a toddler in the house.  Cuh-razy!!

She’s definitely starting to develop a little personality and I’m sure she’ll be walking unassisted within the next few weeks-all signs that our little baby is growing up.  Her 11 month picture was the hardest one to take.  She did NOT want to sit still-this was the best I could do before finally just giving up.

11 months

Sleep.  We were BEYOND lucky in the sleep department with this little miss.  On average we’d get about 12 hours of sleep from her.  Within the past few weeks she’s decided that she wants to be an early riser and has been getting up between 5:30-6:30.  It took awhile to get used to, but it’s actually kind of nice-I get an early start on my day to get stuff done around the house.  And she’s finally starting to get into a napping routine.  Winning all around.


Eat. We are in the process of transitioning from formula to whole, organic milk and eating mainly table food.  It’s been fun to watch her play with and explore with real food.  It’s also been very messy & time consuming.  I try to make stuff for dinner that she can also eat too because I don’t have time to prepare 2 different meals during the week.  She loves to eat salmon, chicken, and vegetables.  There’s actually nothing so far that I’ve given her that she doesn’t like.  Now that Madelyn eats most of her meals in the high-chair, Oliver is right at our feet waiting for something to drop.  I don’t mind at all…he’s actually become a big help in the cleaning up department.

Play. This month Madelyn started standing on her own.  She’s not a huge fan-she can do it for a few seconds and then she slowly starts to lower herself to a sitting position on the ground.  On one hand, I’m really looking forward to the day where she doesn’t have to be carried everywhere but on the other, it’s already pretty exhausting just trying to keep up after her when she’s only crawling, so we’re really in no hurry over here.  She’s definitely  more interested in her cause-and-effect toys.  Still no real words.  I’ve been trying to get her to say “Mama”, but all I get is a blank stare and a smile.  She does understand words though.  I can say “Where’s Oliver? Where’s Daddy?” And she looks in their direction.  She also gets what “No!” means, but tries to push her luck with that one.  We’re still waiting on those top teeth to pop through.  I can tell they are bothering her-she’s been up crying 3 times tonight and she has a tiny bruise on her gums :-/ Madelyn also loves the water.  We took her to the pool for the first time last weekend and she LOVED it.  I’m happy to announce that we have a water baby on our hands and that the two of us will be taking some Mommy & Me swim classes this fall at our local YMCA.


Planning for Madelyn’s birthday is well underway.  There will be lots of Pinterest crafting/wine nights and Etsy purchases in my future.  My dear friend, Marrisa made all of the invitations.  She did an AWESOME job with them and I’m excited to share all the details for the party next month!

Madelyn-8 Months Old

Standing, waving, laughing, dancing her way into my heart every day.  I often sit and wonder what my life was like before her.  What did I do to fill my time?  How have I lived this long without that smile?

Long gone are the days were I could just put the monthly sticker on her onesie.  I now have to attachment on the chair or else it ends up as a snack 🙂


This month has gone by a lot more quickly than I would’ve liked.  I’m getting ready to leave for a long work trip and I’m having a pretty hard time with it.  The only thing getting me through it will be the location and the fact that my sister’s going with me.  Here’s to hoping that the next month just FLIES by.

Sleep. A dream as usual.  She’s been sleeping until about 7 am and is finally starting to get on a regular nap schedule.  We’ve become those people that plan our every day around her nap time.  Naps in the car just aren’t the same as naps in the crib.  Speaking of crib, we’ve had to lower it because someone has decided it was time to stand and see what was going on there in the world.


Eat.  Some new foods we’ve tried this month: Asparagus, brown rice, lentils, strawberries, sweet potato polenta, and mashed potatoes.  We went out to eat a few weeks ago and I brought along Madelyn’s baby food.  For my meal, I ordered shepherd’s pie and fed her some of my mashed potatoes.  Every time I fed her the baby food, she cried-she preferred the mashed potatoes 🙂 We also introduced her to puffs.  I’m trying to get her to learn to grasp food with her fingers and put them in her mouth.  Breastfeeding has come to a complete end and I’m both sad and relieved about this.  My goal was to continue breastfeeding until I left, but Madelyn had other plans.  One morning when I was feeding her, she kept turning away and fussing-she wanted her bottle instead.  I kept trying and she kept denying me.  So that was our last feeding.  I’m really happy that it happened the way that it did.  If I would’ve had to stop before she was ready, I would’ve felt even more guilty about leaving.


 Play.  She’s going to be crawling any day now and I’m scared that I’m going to miss it.  Madelyn can get up on her hands and knees, but when she tries to go forward she falls right on to her tummy.  She can crawl backward though.  I have off this week, so we will be spending lots of time playing on the floor.  The biggest development-she’s learned to wave “hi” and “bye”.  She will sit and wave to Oliver and her friends at daycare.

It’s crazy to think that when I get home, planning for her first birthday will be well under way.  Happy 8 months to my baby girl, who brings us joy every single day.

7 months…Where’s my baby?


Here I am again…tardy to the {Madelyn’s Monthly update} party.  Her 7 month B-Day fell on St. Pat’s day.  We celebrated in Chi-tizzle with the in-laws.  My MIL made corned beef & cabbage and Irish soda bread.  Everything was pretty tasty, but I got some grief for not having Madelyn in anything green.  Call me cheap, but I just didn’t see anything worth buying for one day.

To say that I love watching my baby girl grow and get more curious about the world around her is an understatement.  I can sit and stare and play with her all day long.  Every day that passes brings on new adventures and discoveries.  It’s pretty amazing to think that hubs and I created such a beautiful awesome little girl.

Sleep.  Sleep has been amazingly wonderful given the fact that we are living in a new house.  The only problem is, that our room is right next to Madelyn’s.  I can see her crib from our bed.  When she goes down around 7:30, I pretty much just hang out in the living room because she starts to stir at the sound of my voice…so no more laying in bed and chatting on the phone.  She’s been waking up around 5:30/6am-I usually change her, feed her and she’s back to bed until around 8:30.  Naps are still pretty all over the place and she no longer loves being rocked to sleep {sobs}.  The past few nights she wants to be put into her crib to sleep and I no longer have a sleeping baby on chest nightly.  I both love and hate this all at once.


Eat.   Over the past month, we have made the transition from BFing and pumping to a milk-based formula.  Breastfeeding came naturally for both Madelyn and me and if it weren’t for my trip coming up at the end of April, I would have continued on for the first year.  It’s easily accessible (no mixing formulas or warming bottles), it’s FREE, and it’s time for bonding between the two of us.  I’m no longer pumping and I’m down to two feedings a day (morning and evening) and will likely stay there until the end of April.  She’s now eating 3 solids a day and she will pretty much eat anything soft.  I can’t get avocados into her mouth fast enough.  Some new faves this months are squash, brown rice pasta, blood oranges, sweet potatoes and carrots.  I bought baby food for the first time this month-what a rip!  Because of moving and working, I didn’t have time to make my own.  Even with a coupon I couldn’t believe at how expensive it is compared to making homemade.  I’m hoping to make a few batches this weekend.  Right now, we’re sticking to mostly pureed foods until baby girl gets some teeth.  I have been biting off some of my food and feeding it to her.  So sometimes, she enjoys what we eat for dinner.


Play.  Madelyn’s a girl on the move!  I can put her down on the floor, turn my back for a few seconds and she’s completely turned the other way around.  She’s not crawling yet, but I feel like that will be happening very soon.  I’m hoping that it happens before I leave.  To coerce her to crawl, I bought a little ball that moves and lights up on its own so that she can chase that around-she loves it!  Even though she’s not really crawling yet, Madelyn loves to stand up on things and tries so hard to pull herself up when she’s toppled over.  Her crib is her favorite place to stand.  She continues to laugh and smile every single day.  I swear I gave birth to the happiest baby in the world.  She plays peek a boo with us now-she’ll take the blanket over her face and pull it away from herself and laugh hysterically when I say “Peek a boo!”


Onto month EIGHT!!! I will cherish the next month like no other.