The Day I did the Blueprint Cleanse


I’ve been wanting to try out the Blueprint Cleanse for years now. I first found out about it through a Groupon e-mail, but didn’t know a lot about juicing at the time and I couldn’t bring myself to spend about $165 on juice. Insane.

After over-indulging on Christmas cookies, drinks and yummy food this past week, I knew that I had to do something to get back on track. Lucky for me, our local Whole Foods sells the Renovation (there are 3 levels of cleanses) cleanse by the case for $54.99 BUT they also offer a case discount, so I ended up paying $49 for a one day cleanse. It would’ve cost me $80 on their website with shipping.

The cleanse comes with 6 juices that you drink throughout the day. They are all labeled as to what order to drink them in. allthejuiceJuice 1 & 3-The Green Juice.



I’m a big fan of green juice in general. We make it at home and I always opt to buy it in the stores. This was probably the best and most mild green juice I’ve ever tasted. Sometimes I feel like we tend to overdo it on the celery and it tastes a little tangy, but this juice nailed it and was delicious.

Juice 2. PAM-Pineapple, Apple, Mint. This juice was also delicious and very refreshing. The mint reminded me of summer and I thought this will make a perfect summer cocktail.


Juice 4. Spicy Lemonade. This was the juice I was probably most hesitant to try, but it was a pleasant surprise. It tastes just like it sounds; a spicy lemonade. The cayenne pepper isn’t overpowering in the least. You get just a little hint of it.


Juice 5. CAB-Carrot, Apple, Beet, Lemon & giner. This juice tasted very good, but I LOVE beets! Larry makes a juice that tastes very similar to this one but his contains a bit more lemon. This juice was a little tart to the tastebuds but still very good. juice6Juice 6. Cashew Milk. Probably the juice I was looking forward to trying the most and definitely the most delicious. It met all my expectations, It was creamy and not too watery or sweet. Now I want to learn how to make cashew milk in the Vitamix.

My schedule the Day of the Cleanse

8am-Went to Brawl and burned 550 calories

9am-Purchased juice cleanse

10:15-Drank some green tea and took a probiotic

10:55-Drank Juice 1.

1pm. My stomach started to growl. We left the Betty Brinn Children’s museum and I drank Juice 2 at 1:40pm.

3pm. Drank my second cup of green team for the day

3:45pm. Drank my 3rd juice as I spotted leftover sesame chicken in the refrigerator. Kind of torturous, but then Women’s health came in the mail with Britney on the cover and I was back in the right mindset 🙂

5:52 pm. Drank the 4th juice as I walked through the mall looking for things for our NYC trip.

7:43 pm. Drank the 5th juice out of a wine glass, to keep it classy after all.

9:50 pm. Finally got a chance to sit down and relax and drink my 6th and final juice.

Pros of the Cleanse

-I was able to get a great deal at Whole Foods and it was readily available

-All the juice was AMAZING! I’ve done juice cleanses before and this was the best tasting one. All the juices tasted really fresh.

-I lost 2LBs of water weight. Weight loss was NOT the goal of doing the cleanse, I just did it to reset my body and my tastebuds.

-I felt a lot less bloated the next day.

-I wasn’t too hungry compared to most cleanses I’ve done.

Cons of the Clean

-I woke up twice to pee

-If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you, this can be very costly

Overall, I would definitely do it again. I felt that a one day cleanse was sufficient enough to what I was trying to achieve(less bloating, more fruits & veggies in my life). I just don’t know if I could bring myself to spend $150 on a three day cleanse, I love food way too much to pay that amount of money not to eat.

Have you ever done a cleanse? If so, which one? The last one I did was the Joe Cross 3 Day, weekend cleanse. That was a tough one